PORAC POWER: Peace Officer Wellness, Ethics, & Resilience Program




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POWER: Peace Officer Wellness, Ethics, & Resilience

The most effective California Peace Officers possess key psychological skills that, when functioning properly, promote healthy decisions and behaviors. These skills include things like social competence, teamwork, good judgment, impulse control, and more. Unfortunately, the multifaceted stressors inherent in policing can erode these characteristics over time. The goal of POWER training is to stop that from happening

Using the same techniques that military special teams are known for, officers will learn how to assess, manage, and promote actions leading to elite individual wellness plans. In the classroom, those techniques will be applied to intense situations, simulated from bodycam footage captured by police departments all over the country. Trainees will have the opportunity to evaluate each situation, sharing wisdom for enhancing wellness, ethics, and resilience across the life cycle of the profession.

Training activities include simulations, discussion, small group activities, virtual resources, and in-classroom instruction.

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The Intent of this Course and the POST Innovative Grant Program  

There have never been more challenges to officer wellness than today. In an occupation where you are expected to serve others before yourselves, this class is designed to provide you with some tools to arm yourself with psychological survival skills. We encourage participation from all ranks and officers from all career stages.

Through a variety of video-based scenarios, we will review POST’s 10 Psychological Job Dimensions. These are the exceptional traits that you demonstrated when you were hired. Then, we will explore the “most effective” police performance.  Finally, we will discuss the internal and external obstacles that confront you and compromise your ability to maintain optimal performance and provide you with a variety of resilience-building tools.

Prior to the training, participants will receive access to an online training site, available to use on your own time. This training site will allow you to conduct an individual wellness check on your physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social health, to uncover what triggers you in each area, and to practice ways to overcome those challenges. The online resources will continue to be available to you after the training as a useful tool to reinforce officer wellness.

~Read more about the POST Innovations Grant Program – POST Press Release

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