Board of Directors

  • Brian Marvel Email Bio San Diego POA President
  • Vice President Damon Kurtz
    Damon Kurtz Email Bio Fresno POA Vice President

  • Shawn Welch Email Bio Contra Costa DSA Treasurer
  • Randy Beintema Email Bio San Joaquin Co. DSA Secretary

Region I

  • Barry Donelan EmailOakland POAExec. Comm./Director‐at‐large
  • Mike Pruger EmailSanta Cruz Co. DSAExec. Comm./Director‐at‐large
  • Bay Area Chapter
  • Benjamin Therriault EmailRichmond POADirector
  • Tom Boyd EmailAlameda Co. DSADirector‐at‐large
  • Erinn Riley EmailContra Costa Co. DSADirector‐at‐large
  • Kenneth Lomba EmailSan Francisco DSADirector‐at‐large
  • Central Coast Chapter
  • Mike Pruger EmailSanta Cruz Co. DSADirector
  • Dennis Emmitt EmailSanta Clara Co. Corr. POADirector‐at‐large
  • Sean Pritchard EmailSan Jose POADirector‐at‐large
  • Northern Chapter
  • Sean McKrell EmailMarin Co. DSADirector
  • Damian Evans EmailSonoma Co. LEADirector‐at‐large
  • Redwood Chapter
  • Gary Frace EmailLake Co. DSADirector

Region II

  • Randy Beintema EmailSan Joaquin Co. DSAExec. Comm./Director‐at‐large
  • Eric Schmidt EmailFresno Co. DSAExec. Comm./Director‐at‐large
  • Central California Chapter
  • Chris Barker EmailHanford POADirector
  • Bryan Booth EmailFresno POADirector‐at‐large
  • Tim Caughron EmailKern Co. LEADirector‐at‐large
  • North Valley Chapter
  • Peter Durfee EmailChico POADirector
  • South San Joaquin Chapter
  • Ryan Maxwell EmailBakersfield POADirector
  • Valley Chapter
  • Jim Bock EmailSan Joaquin Delta College PMADirector
  • Timothy Davis EmailSacramento POADirector‐at‐large

Region III

  • Marshall McClain EmailLos Angeles Airport POAExec. Comm./Director
  • Nick Odenath EmailVentura Co. DSAExec. Comm./Director‐at‐large
  • Los Angeles-North Chapter
  • Dave Mackie EmailLASPMADirector
  • Gil Gamez EmailL.A. School POADirector‐at‐large
  • Los Angeles-South Chapter
  • Marshall McClain EmailLos Angeles Airport POAExec. Comm./Director
  • Tri‐Counties Chapter
  • Neil Gowing EmailSanta Barbara Co. DSADirector

Region IV

  • Edgar Hampton Email Anaheim POAExec. Comm./Director
  • Grant Ward EmailSEBAExec. Comm./Director‐at‐large
  • Inland Chapter
  • Rich Randolph EmailColton POADirector
  • Orange County Chapter
  • Edgar Hampton EmailAnaheim POAExec. Comm./Director
  • San Diego/Imperial Chapter
  • Jesus Montana EmailSan Diego SchoolsPMADirector
  • Keelan McCullough EmailSan Diego POADirector‐at‐large
  • Eric Garcia EmailSan Diego Co. DSADirector‐at‐large
  • Scott Laudner EmailSan Diego Co. Prob Off. Assn.Director‐at‐large


  • Statewide Chapter
  • Wade Stern EmailFederated University POAStatewide Director
  • Alan Barcelona EmailCSLEADirector‐at‐large

Special Representatives to the Executive Committee

  • Jim Bock EmailSPAC Chairman
  • Bob Valladon EmailRAM Chairman