Force Science Institute Human Dynamics Training Course

Discover science-backed facts about some of the most controversial force issues, including:
  • How attention, decision-making, and response dynamics influence reaction time;
  • How adrenalin, attention, and trigger speed affect shooting performance;
  • How the capabilities (and limitations) of video recordings can alter the viewer’s perception of an event;
  • How popular firearms tactics can increase the risk of armed encounters;
  • How critical incidents can affect memory and what steps investigators can take to improve the accuracy of recall;
  • How the speed of assaults influences de-escalation strategies and tactics;
  • How speed of assaults, prone threats, attention, and exhaustion can impact traffic stop and investigative approaches;
  • How these same factors can affect memory and performance on all sides of a critical incident.


Line of Duty Death Class

Learn how to plan a LEO Memorial, including making a notification, utilizing resources, benefits and support organizations. Gain insight on how to take care of yourself and the Department, while maintaining continued support and involvement with the family.
Course Details:
1-day course
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