Capitol Beat – Hitting the Ground Running

Governor Jerry Brown, who has always taken a more conservative approach to spending, is using much of this year’s surplus to stash away billions of dollars in reserves, both because of the recession that he believes is looming and due to the prospect of the Republican Congress cutting social services in the wake of its vote for a tax cut last month that could swell the federal deficit by $1.4 trillion over a decade. Read More »

Capitol Beat – Hitting the Ground Running

Aaron Read and Randy Perry Legislative Advocates Aaron Read & Associates, LLC This January begins the second half of a two-year legislative session. This means that we will see many of our 2017 priority bills moving through committee and floor hearings once again. We will also see other bills amended with brand-new language for us […] Read More »

Capitol Beat – 2017 End-of-Session Report

On Friday, September 15, the Legislature adjourned the first half of the 2017–18 legislative session. Governor Brown had until midnight on October 15 to sign or veto the multitude of bills that were sent to him. If he did not take action on a bill, it automatically became law without his signature. Read More »

PORAC Is Disappointed Over Signature Of SB 620

Yesterday, Governor Brown signed SB 620 by Senator Steven Bradford (D-Compton) and it will become law January 1, 2018. PORAC cannot understand why the Governor and democratic leaders would pass a law that allows criminals using a firearm in the commission of a crime to not be charged with the use of that firearm. Read More »

Capitol Beat – The Suspense…

“Suspense” means something different in legislation. The Senate and Assembly appropriations committees hold hearings on their “suspense” bills toward the end of every session. These are the bills that have expenditure in them over a certain dollar amount designated by each committee. Read More »

Capitol Beat – The Cost of Cashless Bail

June Rodgers’ son was shot 22 times on April 9, 2017. Just four days earlier, her son’s killer, Jules Black, a convicted felon who was arrested for illegally carrying a 9 mm pistol, was released from jail as a result of New Jersey’s Bail Reform and Speedy Trial Act. After a lengthy assessment screening developed by the Arnold Foundation, Black was not considered a threat to society or likely to commit another crime prior to his hearing on the possession charge. The prediction couldn’t have been more wrong, and it cost June’s son, Christian, his life. Read More »