Press Releases

Newly Appointed PORAC Secretary Announced

Congratulations to Randy Beintema, the newly appointed PORAC Secretary! The long-serving Executive Committee Member and Director-at-Large for the San Joaquin Co DSA, graciously accepted the appointment by President Marvel to take on the duties of PORAC Secretary. Read More »

PORAC Calls Lethal Force Legislation a Dangerous Rush to Judgment

PORAC has supported policies in the past to increase transparency and enhance community trust. However, Assembly Bill 931 deceptively pretends that creating a checklist of what constitutes necessary force instead of reasonable force is something more than irresponsible legislation. The end result is that the public will be placed at greater risk. Read More »

PORAC Endorsement for Governor

Today, the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor citing his record in dramatically reducing crime as Mayor of Los Angeles. Read More »

Opioid Policy Steering Committee

The Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) appreciates this opportunity to provide comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on questions relevant to FDA’s newly established Opioid Policy Steering Committee (OPSC) and how FDA can or should use its authorities to address this crisis. Read More »

PORAC Is Disappointed Over Signature Of SB 620

Yesterday, Governor Brown signed SB 620 by Senator Steven Bradford (D-Compton) and it will become law January 1, 2018. PORAC cannot understand why the Governor and democratic leaders would pass a law that allows criminals using a firearm in the commission of a crime to not be charged with the use of that firearm. Read More »

PORAC Statement On The Tragedy In Las Vegas

Today, across our nation, we stop to grieve the loss of 58 innocent lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. The likelihood is that the number will rise, as hundreds have been wounded, many with life-threatening injuries. Read More »

PORAC Seeks Peace in Tragedy

Law enforcement has been targeted for simply answering the call of duty. This is a tragic trend in the course and scope of an officer’s daily duties. Read More »