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PORAC Region Election Results

In accordance with PORAC Bylaws, regional members of the Executive Committee, the Legal Defense Fund Trust (LDF), Retiree Medical Trust (RMT) and Insurance and Benefits Trust (I&B) are to be elected for two-year terms by a majority of the votes cast by eligible active members. Read More »

PORAC Director Profile – Tony Sanders

Retired Senior Deputy Tony Sanders may have hung up his badge at the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office in 2019 after more than 30 years of service, but his days of fighting on the front lines for law enforcement are far from over. Read More »

Federal Legislation – The Election is Nigh

After an interminable Democratic primary process, a disastrous and ongoing global pandemic, and multiple “October surprises,” the 2020 election comes slouching to a conclusion. At the time this issue went to print, Election Day itself, November 3, is only weeks away. Read More »

PORAC Director Profile: Shawn Welch

PORAC Director-at-Large Shawn Welch is no stranger to what it means to be a leader. As a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps, Welch, who spent his entire enlistment in the infantry, deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2003 with a platoon of 50 Marines on an assault on the Umm Qasr port facility in Iraq. After proudly serving his country for over a decade, Welch traded one uniform for another when he joined the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff. Read More »

PORAC LAW FIRM Profile: Goyette & Associates

For Goyette & Associates (G&A), representing PORAC members in legal cases is about helping good people who need it — but it’s also about something greater. “It is very rewarding, not only to help clients individually, but also to support law and order in our communities,” firm founder and CEO Paul Q. Goyette explains. “Without solid public safety, economies cannot flourish. Law enforcement and public safety are the cornerstone of our quality of life.” Read More »

Capitol Beat – End-of-Session Update

August 31 marked the closing of the 2019–20 two-year legislative session. Both houses continued until after 1 a.m., with work on majority vote bills ceasing at the 12 a.m. constitutional deadline for adjournment. Measures requiring a two-thirds vote were exempt from the midnight rule and continued until the close of session. Read More »

Federal Legislation – PORAC Weights In — Virtually

Following a typical August recess during an atypical year, legislators have returned to Washington, where they face a daunting array of challenges. Over the next several weeks, Congress will strive to find consensus on a COVID-19 relief package, strike a compromise on appropriations and keep the government open, all while continuing to work toward an effective and collaborative vision of police reform. Read More »