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Employer-Mandated Vaccinations and Disclosures

Under the ADA, an employer may need to grant an employee a reasonable accommodation and exempt them from a mandatory vaccination based on a disability as defined by the ADA — i.e., a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, such as hearing, seeing, speaking, walking, breathing, performing manual tasks, caring for oneself, learning or working. Read More »

PORAC Director Profile: SEAN MCKRELL

When Northern Chapter Director Sean McKrell became president of the Marin County DSA in 2013, he knew that the best way to positively impact law enforcement and his members was to discover for himself what makes PORAC such a premier law enforcement association. Read More »

PORAC Director Profile: DAVID MACKIE

With attacks on law enforcement growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, Los Angeles North Chapter Director David Mackie knew the best way to evoke positive change wasn’t going to come from sitting on the sidelines. Instead, Mackie — a Los Angeles School Police Department lieutenant and PORAC member since 1993 — became actively involved with the Association about five years ago and has never looked back. Read More »

Capitol Beat – PORAC Holds the Line on Opposed Bills

On May 26, the California State Senate advanced the peace officer licensing bill, SB 2 by Senator Steven Bradford, to the Assembly. The vote was divided by party line — Democrats voting yes, Republicans no — with five Democrats abstaining. The author took amendments to the Bane Act portion of the bill; however, the decertification language (PORAC’s primary reason for opposition) remains unchanged. Read More »

Federal Legislation – Summer Legislating

Summer is here. D.C. is getting hotter, the cicadas are beginning to retreat and Congress is in session. Lawmakers have their hands full in June and July, with police reform (more on that below), contentious voting rights legislation, a major package aimed at remaining competitive with China and, perhaps most notably, infrastructure all on the to-do list before the August recess is reached. Read More »

Serving with Pride – PORAC Honors One of Our Own During Pride Month

Throughout his nearly 15 years on the force, Officer Ken Zink of the San Pablo Police Department not only was known for his exemplary police work — he earned the department’s Officer of the Year award in 2010 and 2014 — but was also highly regarded by many for his kindness, humbleness and passion for the job. Perhaps no one knew this more than his daughter, Amy Eubanks, who watched her father protect and serve the community while still being “a pillar of strength, grit, determination and unwavering love for my six siblings and me.” Read More »

The Drive to Give Back – PORAC Retired Associate Member Goes the Extra Mile to Help Others

During his more than three decades on the force, Jeffrey Huss has always used community interaction to show law enforcement in a positive light. A PORAC retired associate member who was with Laguna Beach P.D. and Westminster P.D. before retiring with Huntington Beach P.D., Huss has continued to serve the community by taking part in such events as a charity golf tournament and a benefit show that highlights the apprehension and detection skills of K-9s. Read More »

PORAC Law Firm Profile: DAWSON & RILEY

The opportunity to protect the men and women who put their lives on the line every day is a very rewarding experience for the attorneys at Dawson & Riley. Attorneys Andrew Dawson and Kimberly Riley, the firm’s founding partners, have more than two decades of combined experience representing PORAC members. The two are part of a three-person team that has developed a proven track record of success overturning disciplines and substantial settlements. Read More »