Firearms Coverage FAQs


Do I need a CCW to qualify for RAM LDF Plan V?
No. You do not need a CCW so long as you meet all the plan requirements found in the LDF Plan Document.
If I use a firearm other than the one with which I have recently qualified, will LDF still provide coverage?
Yes. LDF will not deny coverage solely because you used a firearm different than the one with which you have recently qualified, so long as you were acting in self defense, or the defense of others, and you meet all of the other eligibility requirements.
Will I be covered if I use or discharge my firearm while preforming work for my employment?
No.  LDF does not provide coverage for incidents arising from employment, including acting in an unpaid private security capacity, part time law enforcement, etc. 
Will I receive a PORAC Plan V ID card?
Yes. All RAM and LDF Plan V participants receive a receipt and an ID card from PORAC after completing the application process.
Do I need a department-issued HR-218 endorsement?
No. An HR-218 endorsement from the department from which you retired is not required. However, you do have to satisfy the requirements for firearms qualification as set forth in the LDF plan.
I have recently moved to another state. Do I need to return to my former department each year to have them re-issue my HR-218 endorsement?
No. You do not have to be certified by the department from which you have retired. Instead, you can qualify in the state where you presently reside.
How do I sign up for PORAC Plan V?
You may fill out the RAM/RAM LDF Application found online on the PORAC website.
I retired from a non-PORAC agency. Am I still eligible to join RAM?
Yes. You do not have to be retired from a PORAC agency to be eligible for PORAC Plan V.
My CCW is valid for three years. Do I still need to qualify every year?
Yes. You must meet the standards for firearms training for active-duty law enforcement officers (pursuant to HR-218) within 12 months prior to any incident giving rise to a claim for coverage.
Do I have to be a member of RAM to be eligible for LDF Plan V?
Yes. You must be a member of RAM, in good standing, in order to be eligible for PORAC LDF Plan V.