Retired Associate Membership (RAM)

PORAC’s Bylaws require that retired members retain membership in order to continue on with their access to PORAC insurance products and legal defense coverage.  Retired Associate Membership (RAM) also provides an avenue by which retired law enforcement and public safety officers can continue to influence legislation and social policy, related to the profession.  PORAC interests in California are advocated for with the firm of Aaron Read and Associates, while the firm of Steptoe & Johnson advocates federally on PORAC’s behalf.  Both firms understand, and aggressively protect, the interests of retired peace officers, along with those still actively working.  Retired Associate Members may also be able to take advantage of low-cost health, dental, vision, long-term care, as well as other types of insurance coverage with access to PORAC’s Insurance and Benefits Trust (IBT), where RAM is represented with its own Trustee.  Additionally, members of RAM also have access to PORAC’s Legal Defense Fund (LDF) where they may purchase plan coverage related to the carrying/use of their CCW.


RAM Brochure

RAM Committee Members

Bob Valladon  
Region I Representative (Chairman)

Bryan Tenhet  
Region II Representative

Tom Snook  
Region III Representative

Tom Simonds  
Region IV Representative

RAM Membership Pricing
  • $30 per member per year for RAM membership only
  • $72 per member per year for RAM LDF firearms coverage

Apply Online for RAM/RAM LDF Membership

Download RAM IBT Application

To Renew your RAM/RLDF

RAM LDF Firearms Coverage

PORAC and its Legal Defense Fund (LDF) are excited to offer RAM members retiree firearms coverage. This Plan is only available to retired law enforcement officers who are also PORAC Retired Associate Members.  Please review the LDF Plan Document for specific coverage information regarding the Plan.

The cost of this plan is $72 per member per year.

If you wish to take part in this program, please carefully review the application, the LDF Plan Document, and the FAQ’s. Once you have a clear understanding of this Plan and wish to participate, please follow the instructions found on the application, and forward a completed copy with the appropriate payment to the PORAC office.

Use the link below to get more information:

RAM Firearms Coverage FAQs

**RAM & RAM LDF Refund Policy**

Only new RAM/RLDF members may be eligible for a refund. RAM refund requests MUST be received, in writing, by PORAC ( within 30 days of application approval. Refunds will NOT be granted for  requests received after 30 days. All RAM LDF refund requests must be received, in writing, by PORAC or PORAC LDF ( RAM LDF refunds will be processed by LDF directly and will be at their sole discretion.