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Federal Legislation – More Executive Orders; Rumored Cuts Worry Law Enforcement

Darryl Nirenberg Partner Eva Rigamonti Associate Cameron O’Brien Legislative Assistant Steptoe & Johnson LLP President’s Preliminary Budget Plan Targets COPS Funding for Elimination While President Trump has yet to announce a complete budget for consideration by Congress, his administration has reportedly identified a number of programs that it suggested could be eliminated to reduce the […] Read More »

Capitol Beat – RIPA in the Real World

Aaron Read and Randy Perry Legislative Advocates Aaron Read & Associates, LLC In October 2015, AB 953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA), authored by Assembly Member Shirley Weber, was signed into law. This dangerous and poorly crafted measure was strongly opposed by PORAC since it was first introduced, but the political dynamic has […] Read More »

The World Is a Dangerous Place to Live

Anne Marie Schubert District Attorney County of Sacramento Mike Ramos District Attorney County of San Bernardino There are nearly 750 people on California’s death row who are evil. One example of evil is death row killer Hung Thanh Mai, who executed CHP Officer Don Burt Jr. in 1996 during a traffic stop. Officer Burt’s father, […] Read More »

Capitol Beat – Governor Unveils 2017–2018 Budget Proposal

Aaron Read and Randy Perry Legislative Advocates Aaron Read & Associates, LLC Governor Jerry Brown’s first major action this year was his January 10 unveiling of the 2017–2018 California budget declaring the ambiguous state of our economy. “We’re in very uncertain times,” he said. “We’re very subject to a lot of unpredictability.” With that said, […] Read More »

Federal Legislation – Government Avoids Shutdown as Lame Duck Winds to a Close

DARRYL NIRENBERG Partner JASON ABEL Of Counsel EVA RIGAMONTI Associate CAMERON O’BRIEN Legislative Assistant Steptoe & Johnson LLP Congressional Update Narrowly avoiding a government shutdown, on December 10 President Obama signed into law a continuing resolution (CR) that will fund the government at last year’s levels through April 28, 2017. The House of Representatives voted […] Read More »

Capitol Beat – Introducing California’s New State Senators

Aaron Read and Randy Perry Legislative Advocates Aaron Read & Associates, LLC A new Legislature is now in place. The question becomes, will we be a one-party state with both houses in supermajority, or will the two-party system either recover or morph into moderate Democrats and progressive Democrats jockeying for Republican support? The way we […] Read More »

Building a Case for AEDs and Law Enforcement

LORALEE OLEJNIK Community Relations Specialist City of San Diego Emergency Medical Services Across California and the nation, a movement is underway to equip law enforcement officers with lifesaving automated external defibrillator (AED) devices that restart hearts that have stopped beating. Take Robert Hoadley as a success story in this effort. In April 2011, the then […] Read More »

Law Enforcement Medicine: This Specialty’s Time Has Come

Does law enforcement need its own medical specialty? Mass shootings, terrorist attacks and unprecedented shootings of police officers in 2016 strongly support the answer yes. MARK CANNON, M.D. Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Critical Care Medicine Specialist Anesthesia Service Medical Group; Sharp Memorial Hospital; University of California, San Diego; Chula Vista Police Department In the early 1990s, specific […] Read More »

64th Annual PORAC Conference of Members

64th Annual PORAC Conference of Members Disneyland® Hotel November 17-20, 2016 The Conference of Members was hosted by Region II and co-chaired by Executive Directors Randy Beintema and Jacky Parks. 605 delegates representing 137 associations attended to elect a vice president; vote on bylaws; receive organizational, trust and benefit updates; and network on the important […] Read More »