Valley Chapter Meeting

The Valley Chapter Board of Directors is extremely concerned about the safety of all of our members and is taking measures to ensure the safest possible meeting. To assist with this, the following requirements will be in place for this meeting:

Chapter and Region members only
• Vendors, service providers, guest speakers, political candidates, and family members will not be permitted for this meeting.

• Prior to entry, the following precautions will be in effect
• A door monitor will be in place at the entrance to monitor member sign-ins
• All attendees will be required to submit to temperature check and COVID questionnaire before being allowed entry
• COVID Symptoms or 100+ temperature will not be admitted

Directions and general meeting information can be found on the Valley Chapter web site. Additionally, we have placed the complete list of precautions on a special COVID-19 section of the web site. We strongly urge everyone to visit the page and become familiar, ahead of time, with our precautions.

Please remember: wearing a mask is not about protecting you from other people. It is about protecting those you are around from catching something that you may have and not know about.

Bay Area Chapter Meeting

Contact the chapter president for more information regarding meeting location.

6PM – Social

7PM – Meeting