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The Law Enforcement Family stands proud and always stands united. As the wildfires ravage our Northern and Southern California communities, there is another community that needs our support. Many fellow PORAC members have been deeply impacted by the California wildfires.

Even while faced with the worry of their families being evacuated or worse, dealing with the loss of a home, these brave members of our family continue to serve the communities they swore an oath to protect. Please join PORAC, the PORAC Chapters and Associations, along with the aid of C.A.H.P. Credit Union and donate today.

Be the protector of their peace of mind and make a contribution today

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Detective Sergeant Travis Lambert

Travis Lambert, a police sergeant with 17 years on the job, is a member of the Carlsbad Police Department. Recently, Travis, who is known for his exceptional health, developed some unexplained hip pain. This pain quickly progressed overnight into a rare and extremely serious condition, which resulted in him becoming unresponsive, intubated and critically ill in the intensive care unit. While this is a tough battle for him, friends and family of Travis find comfort knowing he is putting 110% into this fight as he does into every aspect of his life. Travis’ wife, Carrie, and his two children, 7 yr old Vincent and 3 yr old Vanessa, are in need of all the support the local community can offer. The Pint Project, Carlsbad Police Officers, and Carlsbad Firefighters have united together for the Lambert family and hope you will consider showing your support through a donation here. Sergeant Lambert has shown his dedication and love for our community through his service; let’s show him our appreciation during this difficult time.