PORAC Institute Course – Crisis Management in the Digital Age

An interactive course demonstrating how law enforcement and other newsmakers can communicate more effectively with the media and public during both routine, as well as breaking news events.  From day to day encounters to mass casualty incidents, this class reveals how it is imperative for the newsmaker to get out in front of an event as soon as possible in order to give the story a direction. Students have the option to go before a live TV news camera during the class for breaking news simulations to test their skills.

Who should attend?

PORAC members, as well as board members and anyone else who communicates with the media, public, government agencies, or legislative groups.  The class is geared for students with all levels of media relations experience.  Even those with limited or no media experience will benefit from the training by following along in the 212 page Media Relations Guide/Workbook provided and authored by the instructors.

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