Santa Cruz CO DSA Assisting Elderly Members Of The Community

Sometimes it’s the most vulnerable members of our communities that need help the most. Yet another example of how law enforcement keeps us safe not only from dangers but our own welfare. Santa Cruz County “Deputies were called for a welfare check of one of our elderly community members after neighbors reported he hadn’t taken his usual walk to the grocery store in a few weeks. We were able to make contact with the man but learned he was in need of a few things from the store.”

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Chula Vista Officers Act of Kindness

“As a peace officer, there isn’t much that I haven’t had the opportunity to see or deal with. Just a few hours ago while working an overtime shift I had a first in my 15-year career.” Chula Vista Peace Officer and Chula Vista POA President David Martinez received a call from dispatch regarding a 90-year resident that was unable to reach her caretaker over the last few days. That’s when Officer Martinez jumped into action.

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