Presidential Candidate – Brian Marvel

Brian Marvel

San Diego POA

As a fellow Law Enforcement professional, I understand the struggles, issues, and needs of the law enforcement community.  I wish to announce my candidacy and request your vote for President of PORAC. I offer my experience and skills to serve and lead PORAC into the next era.

My experience includes:

– 9 years as President of San Diego Peace Officers Association

– 2 years as a Chapter President of PORAC for San Diego & Imperial Counties

– 18 years as a Police Officer for the City of San Diego

– US Navy Veteran


– Leadership

– Marshalling forces/allies

– Political acumen

– Comprehension & discernment of complex issues

– Utilizing all forms of communication resources

My vision as your advocate includes:

– Commitment to sound legislation that will protect our members and serve our communities

– Strengthen relationships with external allies, PORAC leadership, PORAC Board of Directors, Association Leaders, and most important of all, our members

– To serve the members interests with passion and dedication.

I am immensely grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to run for PORAC President.  My priority will be to serve the membership’s interests with passion, dedication and appreciation for the crucial roles our officers perform. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting members, and tackling the challenges facing us today and in the future. Please visit my website for additional information:

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Presidential Candidate – Brent Meyer

Brent Meyer

Sacramento POA

Public safety and service to my fellow officers defines my life, and that’s why I am running for PORAC President.

I’ve been a member of the Sacramento Police Department for nearly 25 years, having started with SacPD as a trainee while I was still in high school.

From the bottom up, I absorbed the proud culture and traditions of a municipal police agency. I answered phones, sorted mail, and eventually became a Community Service Officer.  In March 1998, after the academy, I became a police officer.

As a police officer, I’ve worked graveyard on patrol, on a motor in the traffic section, on a bicycle, and at the Regional Community Policing Institute.  Determined to improve communications between my fellow officers and department management, I became active on the Sacramento POA Board in 2001, serving as Director, Secretary, Vice President and, ultimately, as a full-time release President from 2007-2011.

At SacPOA, I led tough contract negotiations through the Great Recession, coordinated political campaigns, and built strong, resilient relationships with department leadership, management and elected officials.

Since 2013, I’ve been the Vice President of PORAC, with successful re-elections by our membership in 2014 and 2016. As Vice President, I’ve learned a lot by being responsible for recruiting, retention, and our training efforts.  Prior to being elected Vice President, I was the Director At-Large for Sacramento POA to the PORAC Board of Directors, 2010 to 2013.

I’d be honored to have your support. For more information about me and my campaign, visit

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Presidential Candidate – Jacky Parks

Jacky Parks

Fresno POA

I am truly humbled and honored to represent and serve all of you the past 8 years as a PORAC Region II E-Committee Member. I am asking for your continued support as I seek the office of PORAC President.

I have 31 years experience as a sworn peace officer in California, with the last 21 years at the Fresno Police Department. I served 12 consecutive years as the Fresno POA President and did not seek re-election in November of 2016. I served as a Trustee on the PORAC I&B Trust, and I currently serve as a trustee on the City of Fresno Health and Welfare Trust, and Fresno POA Legal Defense Plan.

As a PORAC E-Committee Member and past President of the FPOA, I am/was very active regarding pension reform, LE legislation, P.O.S.T. issues, LDF issues, PAC, and lobbying state and federal leaders.  I presented on concession bargaining and pension reform at the CA League of Cities.  I attended and presented at the Harvard Law School Labor and Worklife Program. 

I established positive relationships with state/federal elected, and other law enforcement labor organization leaders.  Most importantly, I have positive working relationships with the PORAC E-Committee and BOD.  I believe these relationships are vital to being a successful PORAC President. I will work collectively with PORAC leaders to address law enforcement legislation, pension reform, and most importantly the negative perception toward law enforcement established by the media and social media.

I would be honored to have your vote for PORAC President!

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