PORAC-LDF Rosters – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What if I want to add or remove LDF coverage by contacting LDF?

A: If you are a user of the new PORAC membership system, LDF will ask you to process your LDF changes on the PORAC system. LDF cannot process your change. This is required to keep the systems linked.


Q: What if I want to add to or inactivate a member on LDF using a different effective date date?

A: If you want to add a new member on a date other than the PORAC start date OR current date, please e-mail LDF to let them know the correct enrollment date. Also contact LDF if you want to remove an active PORAC member from LDF on a date other than the PORAC end date or current date. Please note that when you inactivate a PORAC member, their LDF end date must always be the same as their PORAC end date.


Q: What if a new member at PORAC is not to be enrolled in LDF until later (e.g., recruits, etc.)?

A: Add the member to PORAC on their PORAC start date with the LDF checkbox unchecked. At a later date, when their LDF coverage should begin, edit the member to check their LDF checkbox. The LDF start date will be the date you checked the box. If you want LDF coverage to begin on a different date, check the LDF checkbox then please contact LDF via e-mail with your instructions to change their LDF enrolled date.


Q: Why is the LDF checkbox unchecked for a member that should be covered by LDF?

A: There are a few reasons this could occur. The member might be covered under a different name and MemberID at LDF. Because of the different spellings, we cannot match by name, only by MemberID. Please check your LDF roster to research any unexpected differences. If your LDF roster has a MemberID starting with a “9”, chances are we could not match that person with a member at PORAC. Please contact PORAC Member Services and we will help you get this resolved. This can also occur if, for some reason, the member was not added to the LDF roster in the past. To correct this, check the LDF box and then contact LDF to change their start date to the PORAC start date or correct enrollment date.


Q: Why is a member on the LDF roster not listed in PORAC?

A: The member might be on the PORAC roster but under a different spelling of their name. Or, they might be inactive in PORAC, which could affect LDF eligibility. It is important to correct any such discrepancies that you find. Please contact PORAC Member Services if you need assistance coordinating your rosters.


Q: Why are names for the same member spelled differently on PORAC and LDF?

A: Because the systems have been separate in the past, the names are not matched, only the MemberID. Unfortunately, we cannot correct these for you because we do not know which spelling is correct (or most recent). If the name is only incorrect at LDF, please contact LDF to correct it and please provide the member’s MemberID, which will always positively identify the member to both PORAC and LDF. If the name is only incorrect at PORAC, you can change it online. If the name is incorrect on both rosters, you can correct the spelling on PORAC online, but need to inform LDF separately. (Update June 15, 2015 – all member names at LDF have been set to match their spelling on the PORAC system. These will be kept coordinated from now on, but will not appear on LDF rosters until statements sent in September 2015).


Q: What about the PORAC-LDF “Automatch” program that started in April 2013?

A: This program is replaced by your new PORAC online membership system. It is the same as before except that you now have control over the LDF checkbox on the PORAC system. To keep all your PORAC members covered in LDF, just make sure all their LDF checkboxes are checked.


Q: With this new system, do I still need to verify my PORAC and LDF rosters every quarter?

A: Yes. We have worked hard to make sure you will not find any differences, but it is still each association’s responsibility to verify their rosters individually for PORAC and LDF and make sure LDF participants are covered. Also, differences that existed before the systems were linked (dating before our systems conversion in 2012) may still exist. The new system should make these differences easier to spot.


Q: Can I see my LDF account and invoice information or pay my LDF bill through this system?

A: Not yet, but this is coming in 2015.


Q: How do I contact PORAC and LDF about roster differences or changes?

A: PORAC – Member Services – (800) 937-6722 membership@porac.org

LDF – (209) 774-5600 – membership@poracldf.org