PORAC Law Enforcement News Articles

Chapter Profile: Statewide Chapter

Amid all the chaos brought on by 2020, one of the bright spots from this past year was the formation of PORAC’s Statewide Chapter, made up of eight state associations. Part of the chapter’s charm, President Yolanda Abundiz says, comes from the fact that “we’re all from varying fields and not centrally located, but can all come together and work collaboratively toward a common goal for our membership.” Read More »

Capitol Beat – Deadlines, Restrictions and the LEARN Act

February 19 marked the legislative deadline for all new bills to be introduced. While this deadline provides us with an overview of the issues we will be facing, we are always guaranteed new surprises and challenges, as bills are continuously being amended to change the course and impact of the legislation. It is rare for a bill to make it to the governor’s desk in its original form. Read More »

Federal Legislation – A Minor Case of Deja Vu

One could be forgiven for looking at a headline from earlier this month — impeachment, acquittal and Donald Trump — and having some confusion on what year it is. On almost the exact anniversary of then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 impeachment acquittal, the United States Senate voted to acquit the former president once again. Read More »

Should You Shoot Someone Breaching the U.S. Capitol?

The police are taught that if their lives or the lives of innocent others are in imminent jeopardy, they are legally allowed to use the force necessary to stop the threat. The advent of body cameras and our ability to review force encounters confirms that in the vast majority of cases where officers decide to use deadly force, they are justified in doing so. Read More »

PORAC Director Profile: Scott Laudner

San Diego County Probation Officers Association (SDCPOA) President Scott Laudner comes from a long line of law enforcement professionals. “My grandfather was a sheriff, my father was a Border Patrol agent and my uncle was a police officer,” he shares, adding that his wife is also a probation officer. So it was only natural for him to put on the badge and uniform and uphold the tradition to protect and serve. Read More »

PORAC Law Firm Profile: Mastagni Holdstedt

For nearly 50 years, Mastagni Holstedt, APC, has worked with PORAC to fight for the legal rights of its members. The enduring partnership began when firm founder and managing partner David P. Mastagni started representing members in 1973. Read More »

Federal Legislation – Turmoil at the Capitol

While many hoped that 2021 would be a less tumultuous year than 2020, the first week of January quickly proved that it was not to be. On January 6, extremists breached the United States Capitol, delaying the certification of the November 3 presidential election and killing Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. Read More »

Meet Your New PORAC Treasurer: Shawn Welch

For many PORAC members, Shawn Welch needs no introduction. He’s been a member of the organization since 2003, joined the leadership of the Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs Association in 2012 and became a PORAC director in 2014. Since then, he’s served in many roles, including as president and director-at-large for his DSA, Bay Area Chapter director and Bay Area Chapter president. His hard work in advocating for law enforcement made him a familiar name and face even before his election to the Executive Board in late 2020, and you may have read our profile about him in the pages of our October issue. Read More »

The Importance of Leading By Example

Leading by example is a crucial aspect of effective leadership. Leaders who model behavior that emphasizes integrity, creativity, good communication and a willingness to engage in continuous growth are vital to developing others. Furthermore, an effectual leader influences behavior by showing how to complete the task or delegate tasks. By directing and guiding others, influential leaders can accomplish organizational goals while demonstrating a blend of management and leadership skills. Read More »