Episode 5 – PORAC President Brian Marvel with special guests, Sergeant Ron Chesterman and Officer Krissy Sundby – SacPD Peer Support Unit

On episode five of “On the Job with PORAC,” Brian invites special guests, Sergeant Chesterman and Officer Sundby with SacPD’s Peer Support Unit to discuss their role in the unit and the importance of officer wellness.  With the growing pressure and exposure law enforcement faces on a daily basis, a peer support officer is becoming a more vital part of a department.  They are who support an officer – ON and OFF duty.  A peer support officer’s main concern is the health and well-being of the officer and their family when facing issues ranging from officer involved shootings and traumatic calls to divorce and suicide.  It is a new era for law enforcement and it is critical that we raise awareness of the challenges that come with devoting your life to protecting and serving your communities.

Episode 4 – PORAC President Brian Marvel with special guest PORAC Corporate Counsel Bob Bonsall

The Supreme Court ruling on the case of Janus vs. AFSCME continues to make headlines as public sector labor unions across the country deal with the implications of the slight majority decision.  On this podcast, Brian invites special guest Bob Bonsall, PORAC’s Corporate Counsel, to share his expertise on the history of labor unions, the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decision, and the importance of aligning with your associations and unions.  

Episode 3 – PORAC President Brian Marvel with special guest PORAC Vice President Brent Meyer

In this episode of On the Job with PORAC, Brian and Brent discuss the importance of communication. The PORAC membership (of over 70,000 men and women) is a diverse and multi-generational family; therefore our outreach must cast a wide net.  In a media world that does not sleep, PORAC understands the need to get our message out quickly and effectively.  Tune in to hear how PORAC is increasing our communication on issues that matter by utilizing social media, podcasts, PORAC LE News Magazine, training and, most importantly, input from our members. 

Special Episode On AB 931 – PORAC President Brian Marvel with special guest PORAC Vice President Brent Meyer

On this special report of On the Job with PORAC, President Brian Marvel and Vice President Brent Meyer discuss Assembly Bill 931 by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D-San Diego). 

This bill would limit the use of deadly force by a peace officer to those situations where it is “necessary” to prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death to the officer or to a third party.   This podcast will provide you with background for this legislation and discuss how this bill would jeopardize the safety of our officers and the community in which we serve.

AB 931 is headed for Senate Public Safety Committee on June 19th, 2018.  PORAC is strongly opposed to this dangerous measure.

Episode 2 – PORAC President Brian Marvel with special guest PORAC Vice President Brent Meyer

During the week of May 13th, PORAC joined their law enforcement family from all over the nation and the world to honor the officers we’ve lost in the line of duty.  On this episode of On the Job with PORAC, President, Brian Marvel, and Vice President, Brent Meyer, discuss PORAC’s involvement in Police Week, which coincided with the Executive Committee’s Annual DC Spring Fly-In, where they met with our leaders to discuss the critical issues facing law enforcement.  PORAC met with the Attorney General, as well as other policymakers, to discuss public safety officer benefits, active shooter plans for schools and PORAC’s significant role in national law enforcement.