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2018 66th Annual PORAC Conference of Members

66th Annual PORAC Conference of Members Member participation and change were the themes of the 66th Annual Conference of Members at Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa in Reno, Nevada. Nearly 700 people registered for the November 15 to 18 Conference, which was hosted by Region IV Co-Chairs Tony Bolanos of Ontario Police Officers Association and […] Read More »

Capitol Beat – Unpacking the Midterm Elections

The dust is still settling on the midterm election and the results are mixed. Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, as expected, but did not pick up enough seats in the Senate, where Republicans expanded their majority. At the time of this writing, some closely watched races still remain too close to call.  Read More »

Federal Legislation – The Midterms

On November 6, 383 Congress members and 35 senators fought to win their respective reelection bids. To secure a majority in the House, a party must win 218 of 435 seats. In the Senate, because the vice president can break a tie vote, the party of the president has to win only 50 of 100 seats, while the other party must win 51 seats to obtain a majority. In the House, Democrats successfully upended Republican control, reaching 225 seats, with nine key races still undecided at the time this issue went to print. In the Senate, Republicans maintained their majority, increasing the number of seats they hold by “flipping” two former Democratic senators’ seats (Senators Claire McCaskill (Missouri) and Joe Donnelly (Indiana). Read More »