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Federal Legislation – Congress Returns, And The Crisis Continues

By the second week of May, Assembly and Senate members returned to Sacramento to continue the work they began before recessing per the governor’s stay-at-home order on March 16. However, with many professions, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way the California Legislature will be doing its job, which in turn, has changed the way we do ours. While many of the processes for submitting position letters have remained the same, we are experiencing major shifts in the way we meet with legislators, staff and stakeholders on bills and the way we testify in hearings. Due to the guidance on physical distancing, the committee hearings are extremely limited for the press and the public. Read More »

In Memoriam – Rick Baratta

It’s with great sadness we say goodbye to Rick Baratta, a life member since 1956 and cornerstone of PORAC. Rick not only spent many fruitful years as PORAC’s general manager and editor of this very publication, but was critical in helping implement many of the programs used by California law enforcement officers today. Rick passed away peacefully at his home in March after battling a series of illnesses. He was survived by his wife, Elizabeth; three children Richard, Brian and Judy; grandchildren; brothers Kenneth and Peter; and German Shepherds Chooch and Charlie. Read More »