PORAC Presidential Election 2017

PORACAt the 65th Annual Conference of Members the PORAC membership will elect a new PORAC President. Learn more about the 3 candidates seeking to represent you.


Brian Marvel

San Diego POA

As a fellow Law Enforcement professional, I understand the struggles, issues, and needs of the law enforcement community.  I wish to announce my candidacy and request your vote for President of PORAC. I offer my experience and skills to serve and lead PORAC into the next era. Read More»





Brent Meyer

Sacramento POA

Public safety and service to my fellow officers defines my life, and that’s why I am running for PORAC President.

I’ve been a member of the Sacramento Police Department for nearly 25 years, having started with SacPD as a trainee while I was still in high school.

From the bottom up, I absorbed the proud culture and traditions of a municipal police agency. I answered phones, sorted mail, and eventually became a Community Service Officer.  In March 1998, after the academy, I became a police officer. Read More»


Jacky Parks

Fresno POA

I am truly humbled and honored to represent and serve all of you the past 8 years as a PORAC Region II E-Committee Member. I am asking for your continued support as I seek the office of PORAC President.

I have 31 years experience as a sworn peace officer in California, with the last 21 years at the Fresno Police Department. I served 12 consecutive years as the Fresno POA President and did not seek re-election in November of 2016. I served as a Trustee on the PORAC I&B Trust, and I currently serve as a trustee on the City of Fresno Health and Welfare Trust, and Fresno POA Legal Defense Plan.         Read More»