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President’s Message

PresidentNovember marks the anniversary of my election to my first term as PORAC’s president. I spent my first year in office examining and assessing the many processes by which PORAC functions — not only its day-to-day operations but also broader concepts like training, branding and communications strategy. I hope you saw the results of those efforts this year as we made positive transitions in several areas. Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

Executive BoardAs PORAC’s vice president, I am tasked with recruitment and retention. I often write about the positives of being a PORAC member, describing the benefits of our trusts: LDF, IBT and RMT. Another area where PORAC is truly effective is advocacy. I have mentioned this in previous articles, but it seems to be a topic that comes up often. It’s probably one of the most important roles we have in representing our member associations, and it is also one of the most misunderstood by individual members. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

Executive BoardI know it’s still 2019, but I want to talk about the 2020 elections. When we think of elections and Election Day, we usually think of November and often focus on the presidential elections that come every four years. With the next presidential election a year away, it’s easy to think that we have plenty of time left to get involved in the electoral process and our decisions will be easy to make. But next year’s presidential election is just one of the hundreds of races in the state that will affect law enforcement. Besides the presidential race, there are 53 congressional races, 80 State Assembly races and 20 State Senate races. Read More »

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