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President’s Message

Executive BoardNormally, in even-numbered years, the stroke of midnight on August 31 ends the two-year session of our State Legislature. This year, as the evening got closer to midnight, I became more and more anxious for this session to end. When midnight passed and they were still working, it was quite nerve-wracking. The final gavel struck at around 1:30 a.m. on September 1. Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

Executive BoardThe 2020 legislative session ended on August 31 with a good amount of drama. For PORAC and all of law enforcement, we were focused on roughly 25 bills in the Assembly and Senate that were aimed at police reform. Like many bills focused on law enforcement, they were put together haphazardly and without input from industry experts. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

Executive BoardEach morning when I wake up, one of the first things I do is grab my phone. I start my day by reading though several news sites to see what is going on in the world. Next, I go through my emails. Eventually, I end up looking through my social media accounts. Often, I discover this is not the best way to start my day. Read More »

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