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President’s Message

Executive BoardNo sooner did we kick off Police Week on May 13 than two California officers, San Luis Obispo Police Detective Lucas “Luca” Benedetti and Stockton Police Officer Jimmy Inn, were killed in the line of duty. These two officers dedicated their lives to serving and protecting their community and our nation. They were also true professionals, dedicated to their agencies, and hardworking who made their community safer for everyone. They served and sacrificed for a purpose far greater than themselves. I can think of no truer definition of a hero. May God bless Luca and Jimmy. We shall never forget the memory of our heroes. Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

Executive BoardSummer is upon us, and it appears that the restrictions related to the pandemic are continuing to ease. Whether that’s due to science or politics, I will leave for another conversation. The easing of these restrictions means in-person meetings and the ability to travel for most of us. For me, the in-person meetings are a welcome change — to say I have a little Zoom fatigue would be an understatement. Getting to see everyone in person at chapter meetings and other events is a welcome change from the last year in our “virtual” isolation. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

Executive BoardWhy are high-risk markets or cryptocurrencies not fiduciary responsible? Because it’s not the board’s money is the simple answer. The board of directors has the responsibility to ensure the association can meet its obligations of negotiating for pay, benefits and working conditions. If you lose your money by making bad financial decisions, then you are not being responsible. Read More »

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