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President’s Message

In early June, your Executive Committee met in Sacramento and discussed the business of PORAC. Each month when the Board of Directors is not meeting, the Executive Committee convenes to discuss the various challenges facing our members. Whether it is potentially disastrous legislation from a lawmaker who is hell-bent on releasing more convicted felons, setting dates and agendas for our upcoming federal legislative meetings, or the best possible news PORAC could receive from a member who was granted coverage on an appeal that brought them a new baby boy, many different issues are brought forward to consider and take action upon for the benefit of our members. Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

Let’s say it all starts with a parka. On a warm summer afternoon, a police officer on patrol notices a man walking along a street in a residential neighborhood. Despite weather more appropriate for a T-shirt and shorts, this guy is sporting a parka. More observant than the average person, the patrol officer notices that first — a heavy jacket on a nice day. And it’s out of place. The officer hangs back in his car, watching the man cross the street. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

PORAC has taken an active role in ensuring that CalPERS is focusing its fiduciary responsibility on the health of its funds, not whether the investment mechanism is politically correct or not. During the legislative portion of the June Executive Committee meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss PERS and its investments. Your PORAC Board took active steps to ensure that we actively oppose any bill that deals with CalPERS divesting. Read More »

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