From the Leadership

President’s Message

Executive BoardLast month, the cover of this magazine said, “Resolve to get involved,” and that’s going to continue to be our motto for this entire year. I probably sound like a broken record, but I want to once again remind you how important it is to be actively engaged, not only in your association, but in what’s happening at the state and national levels. I can’t stress that enough, especially as this is a presidential election year. Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

Executive BoardWhen I speak or write about PORAC, I often list our benefits, which can be found on our website, It’s easy to point out what PORAC offers to its members and how it benefits them. The reality is that the most valuable benefit of PORAC membership is the members themselves. I am always amazed to see the amazing family we have in the law enforcement community. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

TreasurerA career in law enforcement can at times engulf our entire life.
Law enforcement isn’t just an occupation; it can become a lifestyle that affects every aspect of our lives. Often officers develop a sense of distrust in people outside of law enforcement circles, and as a result, they gravitate toward other officers to build relationships and friendships. Read More »

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