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President’s Message

PresidentIn a few short months, state, county and municipal pension systems will be releasing their comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs). These are extremely important documents that pension systems must compile to comply with the accounting requirements set forth by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). CAFRs are important because they give you a snapshot in time of how your pension system is doing, providing the financial and statistical data to let you know whether your system is meeting its stated goals and offering a valuable insight into how city, state or county officials manage public finances. Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

Executive BoardAs we head toward the end of summer, President Marvel and I are staying concentrated on our efforts at the Capitol regarding legislation, specifically the use-of-force bills. AB 392 has passed through the Legislature after many amendments from its original form. We now remain focused on SB 230, which deals with policies and training, including funding to accomplish the training. We believe AB 392 in its present form codifies the Graham v. Connor standard. With the passage of these two bills, California will have the most extensive legislation on use of force. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

Executive BoardIn 1998, I was hired as a Sacramento police officer. During my six months in the Academy, I attended the funerals of two law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty. On December 8, 1998, Sacramento Deputy Sandra Larson was killed in a traffic collision while transporting prisoners. Even though I was only two months into the Academy, I can still remember the gravity that her death brought to me. It opened my eyes to the reality that law enforcement officers are not invincible, and in my chosen occupation there was a real possibility that one day I might not return home from my shift. Read More »

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