Benefits Summary

Membership in PORAC means something. Each one has a voice which, together across California, resonates and reflects the interests of our organization.

PORAC is strong because its foundation rests upon the strong leadership of individual membership associations, as well the reserve peace officers, public safety personnel, and retired law enforcement officers who they support.

PORAC membership valuable, since we continually strive to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs and input from our members. PORAC’s leadership and Board of Directors are constantly interacting and working to further the needs and interests of the California law enforcement profession. Whether networking at one of our 14 monthly chapter meetings, or sharing information at the Annual Conference of Members, and the Annual Training Symposium, PORAC’s leaders and representatives are always seeking feedback and interaction from the membership.

Association leaders wanting more information on joining PORAC are encouraged to explore our website and the links below. For additional questions or information on obtaining a membership application packet, please contact PORAC Membership Services at

Member BenefitsRegularReserveLimitedRAM
Ability to Vote on PORAC Issues   Conference Only
Ability to Attend PORAC Region/Chapter Meetings    
Receive PORAC LE News Monthly Magazine    
Access to the Legal Defense Fund (LDF)    
Access to the Retiree Medical Trust (RMT)    
Access to the Insurance & Benefits Trust (IBT)    
California Casualty/AFLAC/AD&D    
Health Plan (Anthem-BlueCross)    
Group Life    
Access to the Labor Relations (LRP) Grant Program    
Eligible for Small Association Conference Award    
H.E.L.P. Participation    
POREF Benefit Funds    
Catastrophic Relief Fund    
Memorial Fund    
Scholarship Fund    
Access to Training Courses offered by PORACPriority Registration   
Access to the Annual Conference    
Access to the Annual Training Symposium    

Membership Brochure

PORAC LDF Brochure

PORAC RMT Brochure

PORAC IBT Brochure