The membership of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) is composed of member associations and individuals from public safety. Generally, there are four (4) general classes of membership within PORAC: Active, Retired, Reserve and Limited.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Employee organizations, a majority of whose membership consists of peace officers as defined in Section 830 et seq. and public officers as defined in Section 831 et seq. of the Penal Code.

RETIRED MEMBERSHIP: Any retiree from past or current affiliates of PORAC, or any retired public safety officer with appropriate supporting documentation may be a Retired Associate Member (RAM).

RESERVE MEMBERSHIP: Reserve membership shall consist of associations made up of reserve peace officers.

LIMITED MEMBERSHIP: This type of membership is only available to the following associations: 1) Public safety organizations otherwise not eligible for other membership; 2) Law enforcement/peace officer organizations from outside of California or Nevada.

Limited membership associations are not permitted voting rights in PORAC, but do have full access to participate in the Legal Defense Fund (LDF), Retiree Medical Trust (RMT) and Insurance and Benefits Trust (IBT) programs; though, they must apply to each trust program in which they desire to participate.

PORAC Membership

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