Vice President’s Message

Damon Kurtz
PORAC Vice President

By the time this article reaches you, the March primary elections will have taken place. In previous issues of the magazine, President Marvel and I have written articles on the importance of being engaged in the political fray at the local level. I wanted to take a moment to reiterate the importance of engaging at the local level. PORAC’s advocacy starts with you, the individual member. For us to be successful in our lobbying efforts at the state and federal levels, we need the help of our members and their local associations in the districts. This election cycle will be as important as ever. No race is as important as the Los Angeles County district attorney’s race. It will take a concerted effort to keep this office from falling to a candidate like George Gascón. His progressive, anti-police agenda has handcuffed San Francisco law enforcement from protecting the city, and he seeks to do the same in Los Angeles. 

Often, politics become a heated topic among the member ranks as those argue why the associations endorse certain candidates and whether we should be involved. I have said it a thousand times, “You’re either at the table or on the menu.” Sitting on the sidelines gains you no favor with any candidate. It’s important to remember that when it comes to association and PORAC endorsements, there is typically a strategy involved. In most cases, many individuals vote on a straight party-line based on their chosen party with no regard for the viability of the person they are voting for. At the PORAC level, we cannot be beholden to a party line. Instead, we look for candidates who are more on the moderate side and are supportive of law enforcement and the benefits we receive. Unfortunately, those candidates are somewhat rare, and we are left trying to keep the bad ones out. If we had 100 candidates like Assemblyman Jim Cooper, I wouldn’t have to write articles about the minefield of Californian politics. In the end, I’m asking that you get involved rather than get angry. There’s enough anger in politics without us adding to it. 

At the risk of being redundant, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the first annual POREF Open Golf Tournament on April 23. The event will be held in conjunction with our annual Symposium in sunny Palm Springs. This will be our first fundraiser for PORAC’s relief and education fund. It will be a good time for all, with tons of swag. If you don’t play golf, that’s OK; it’s a best-ball tournament. In the end, it’s more about the cause and the people you are with. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a good time, and the money raised will go to relief efforts and our scholarship fund.  Symposium & POREF Open Registration

Lastly, remember to take a look at our Fund a Hero page. If you see a Fund a Hero fundraiser on your social media, make sure you like and share it. Thank you, and be safe out there!