Vice President’s Message

Damon Kurtz
PORAC Vice President

As vice president, I focus much of my time on the recruitment and retention of our associations. One of the “perks” of the job is getting to talk to members about PORAC and the benefits of membership. In my time as an association leader and later in my involvement in PORAC, it was always comforting to know we had protections and benefits available to us. This is where the saying “membership has its privileges” holds true. When someone asks, “Why PORAC?” it’s an easy conversation. PORAC membership gives access to several benefits available exclusively to you as a member of PORAC. Whether its advocacy by the Board, health and disability with the IBT, legal defense with LDF or retiree medical with the RMT, we strive to provide the best possible benefits to our membership. Each of our trusts is managed by active officers elected by the membership. Our trustees and directors are working cops representing your issues and concerns — we are “cops protecting cops.”

Although there are other organizations out there, it’s my opinion that none of them can compare when it comes to the exclusive benefits we provide to our 922 associations. “Exclusivity” is one of the things that makes PORAC membership so valuable. For example, only PORAC members can receive benefits through each of the PORAC trusts, such as LDF. A benefit of LDF is that other than a few select independent organizations, only PORAC members have access to PORAC panel attorneys. Our attorneys are unmatched in their knowledge and experience when it comes to defending law enforcement. Having vetted, proven attorneys available to you is an invaluable asset for our members. If I were ever in need of an attorney, I couldn’t imagine having to do a Google search or check a Yelp review to find representation. Knowing that as a PORAC member you only need one phone number to get the best attorneys available should allow you to rest easy. I could give multiple examples of the exclusive benefits PORAC offers in each of our trusts. What I’m saying is that PORAC has you covered. No other organization can provide the same level of benefits, advocacy and representation from within to shape how these benefits are given.

Another big part of my role as VP is advocacy. Along with President Marvel, I attend several meetings and events to lobby on behalf of PORAC and public safety. Now that bills AB 392 and SB 230 have been signed by the governor, we will turn our focus to the federal level. The Executive Committee will travel to Washington, D.C., to lobby our representatives on issues facing law enforcement at the national level, such as violence against police officers. PORAC is in the process of developing a bill with Congressman Correa (SD34) that will provide a study on assaults on law enforcement officers. The goal is to identify trends and provide recommendations, such as staffing. Upon our return, we will focus our efforts toward the 67th Annual Conference of Members in Palm Springs. We hope to provide all of you with a memorable experience as we conduct needed year-end business for the membership. I hope to see you there; it’s a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Take care and be safe!