Vice President’s Message

Damon Kurtz
PORAC Vice President

With my first six months as your vice president in the books, I can say it has been both enjoyable and very challenging at the same time. It’s been a pleasure for me to meet with members around the state. I get to learn about each association, their respective challenges and their insights on issues directly related to PORAC. Obviously, the biggest challenge was stepping into the legislative battle regarding use of force with SB 230 and AB 392. Although I have always had an appreciation for how effective PORAC’s advocacy is, it was very enlightening to be part of it firsthand. As I have said in previous articles, there are some large associations in the state that do a fine job representing their members and their respective areas. But there is no other law enforcement organization that is as effective as PORAC when it comes to advocacy efforts. It’s the collective voice of our members that makes us so effective. Having associations small and large across the state, impacting every legislative district, gives us a tremendous voice when it comes to issues affecting law enforcement. I am truly humbled that I get to be a part of this and that you, the members, have shown faith in me and allowed me to represent you. For President Marvel and me, it’s not something we take for granted.

As we head into summer and the end of a very busy legislative fight regarding use of force, here at PORAC we turn our focus to the annual Conference. Every year, PORAC strives to provide the membership with quality training geared toward helping our member associations be successful. From classes such as Collective Bargaining, Internal Affairs and Association Leadership to our annual Symposium, it all culminates at the annual Conference. This event gives us an opportunity to meet with the membership and recap the previous year. It allows us to look at the organization’s successes and where we need improvement. It’s where the leadership of PORAC is installed and where the membership gives us the necessary feedback. As an association leader, Conference was where I made some of the most important contacts that helped me. Networking with association leaders across the state was invaluable to me. No matter the issue that may have come up in my association, there was always someone who had similar experiences with the same issues. The ability to draw upon those experiences to help navigate the challenges that come with being an association leader was something that I always looked forward to.

This year marks the 67th Annual Conference of Members, which will be held on November 22–24 at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. It’s always the goal of PORAC to provide the Conference attendees with quality training on top of the annual reports and required business. It’s also a goal to provide a location that is desirable for the members to attend. This year’s location will not disappoint — the resort is truly beautiful. Hopefully, it will provide a balance of needed relaxation in between the important updates given during the general session. I hope to see you there. In the meantime, take care and be safe.