Vice President’s Message

Damon Kurtz
PORAC Vice President

SB 230 and How You Can Help

If you are starting to notice a little redundancy in our articles regarding the debate between SB 230 and AB 392, we apologize. This issue dominates President Marvel’s life as well mine, and for good reason. We must commit our time and resources to this issue now more than ever. Currently, we are facing an unprecedented assault on the character of law enforcement. The mainstream media and our elected officials are doing their best to depict law enforcement as a callous establishment that shoots and kills persons of color without any accountability. This depiction of the men and women of law enforcement is extremely offensive to those who have served and continue to serve the profession with honor and integrity. This depiction couldn’t be further from the truth, but the truth doesn’t seem to matter anymore. The reality is that you have a greater chance of dying in a house fire or on an operating table than you do being shot by a police officer. If you follow the commands of the officer, your chances of being shot become almost zero. For whatever reason, the mainstream media and our elected officials have chosen to make law enforcement the enemy and make martyrs out of those who prey on our society. We are the thin blue line that stands between the public and those who prey on our communities. I fear the day when there are so few of us left to do the job that we are unable to keep our communities safe. If AB 392 passes as written, that day would be all but a foregone conclusion.

If we haven’t driven the point home, it’s time for you to get involved. We know from our everyday interactions with the general public that we have their support. Unfortunately, this isn’t being conveyed to the elected officials. We need you at the local level to help defeat AB 392 and support SB 230. PORAC recently sent out a digital activation alert that includes an FAQ and a link ( to send a letter of support for SB 230 to your representatives here in Sacramento. We need you to help get the general public’s support and encourage them to reach out to their representatives. The representatives in Sacramento must hear our supporters just as loud as those who hate us. We need you to meet with your local elected officials and garner support in the city and county governments. If possible, get them to make a resolution in support of SB 230. AB 392 only lays the financial burden and civil liability back on the local governments. Build coalitions with other groups outside of law enforcement, such as the building trades or your local chambers of commerce. Use your social media platforms to push out positive messages and generate support for SB 230. If possible, put together lobbying trips to meet with your representatives in Sacramento or in their district offices.  

If AB 392 passes, our law enforcement officers will no longer be judged by what a “reasonable officer” would have done in a similar situation. In the new standard, officers will be judged by information not known to them at the time of the incident and will be criminally prosecuted if their actions are deemed not necessary. I know most people are typically apathetic to politics and generally don’t pay too much attention until something is passed or it’s time to vote. We can’t wait for this to happen. We need a true grassroots effort to defeat AB 392 and to push back on the narrative that negatively depicts law enforcement. It’s time to rally the troops and fight back against this false narrative.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!