Vice President’s Message

Brent Meyer
Brent Meyer
Brent J. Meyer
PORAC Vice President

As Brian details in his President’s Message this month, we’re excited to be bringing you some updates to this magazine that we hope will keep you even more interested and informed regarding the work of PORAC and the latest law enforcement topics. As I continue to focus on recruiting new members to join our organization, it’s an invaluable asset to have professional communications platforms that clearly and effectively express what PORAC is all about.

Some might wonder why, in this paperless age of tablets and smartphones, our printed magazine is so important. Can’t we just post some articles online or send out an email? We believe you deserve more than that. Staying connected with you is one of our primary goals, but the ever-growing size of our membership, the vast geographical expanse of California and the diversity of associations we represent mean that we need to use every item in our communications toolkit to make sure that as many members as possible can hear us and respond. 

For up-to-the-minute breaking news alerts, interactive multimedia storytelling and informal exchanges, nothing beats social media — but not everyone is glued to their phone all the time, plus the brief format and constantly changing algorithms make it very difficult to ensure everyone gets the message. Our website is the one-stop shop for anyone seeking information about PORAC and serves as a library of all the resources our members need, from Symposium registration (remember, our special room rate expires March 24!) to the scholarship application (deadline is March 30!) to the monthly calendar of chapter meetings and events. The web is great for providing this type of information, and our app is an even easier way to find all that and more in a pocket-portable format — but it’s still up to each individual to navigate there and click the right buttons. Although the magazine comes out only once a month, it’s a sure way to get the updates you need, along with longer and more in-depth analysis of the complex issues facing law enforcement today, directly into your hands. Even better, it’s packaged in a form that’s easy to keep and refer to later, or pass along to colleagues, family members, legislators and anyone else who should be seeing all the terrific things PORAC is doing.

Since each medium has different uses and advantages, they’re at their best when they all work together toward a coordinated, comprehensive messaging strategy.  As we work on enhancing the magazine, a major goal is to more closely integrate it with our social media to give members a seamless connection to PORAC across all our communications channels. 

One way we plan to do this is through a new contest coming soon! Sharp-eyed readers may notice that our familiar “Find the Bear” challenge has been retired from this issue in preparation for our forthcoming “On the Road With PORAC LE News” contest, which will offer members a chance to win cash by posting the photos that you take with the magazine in creative locations. In addition to engaging with PORAC’s social media, you’ll also have a fun way to witness our publication out in the real world, showing the range and reach of our membership around the state and beyond.

In preparation for the new contest, and to make sure you don’t miss out on any part of our campaigns, be sure to follow PORAC on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Social media works best when it’s participatory, so join the community and help us expand the conversation by liking, tagging, sharing and responding to the posts that speak to you.

As we continue our efforts to leverage all available media and grow our social presence, I’m also excited to tell you that we’re going to explore an area where PORAC has not ventured before: podcasts! While these are nothing new, they are more popular than ever and certainly a new frontier for us. No longer will issues be limited to the page or the screen in front of you — they will be brought to life through commentary offered by Brian and me; interviews with members, subject-matter experts and politicians; and candid discussions with newsmakers relevant to our time. I am certain that you’re going to thoroughly enjoy the new dimension and perspective that these podcasts will offer you. We recently met with Marketplace Communications to begin planning this next move, and we’ll keep you posted as we progress.

As always, thank you for your membership, have fun and stay safe!