Vice President’s Message

Brent Meyer
Brent Meyer
Brent J. Meyer
PORAC Vice President

I’d like to start off this month by taking the opportunity to thank you and express my appreciation for your decision to re-elect me to represent you as PORAC’s Vice President for the next two years! I continue to be honored and humbled to serve you in this capacity for our Association. I anticipate a very productive and engaging 2017–2018, as we continue to improve the law enforcement profession in California. It is an incredible and exciting privilege to advocate for the hard work that all of you do each day to protect and improve our communities and make them safer to live in! And I will do my very best to ensure that people know and understand the value of what you do as the first line of defense in our communities.

The 64th Conference of Members in Disneyland® went smoothly, thanks to the planning, preparation and execution by our staff: Kim Busman, Angie Gonzales, Chris Steele, Tori Tillman, Pamela Reay, Shon Sharma and Claude Alber. Without their hard work over the course of the last year, the event would not have turned out as nicely as it did for the delegates who attended. All of us at PORAC hope that you had fun, learned something new, and got to better know your fellow members from across the state.

I look forward to being positively challenged by the task of representing our membership in Sacramento. I am certain that I really do have the best job at PORAC, especially when it comes to heading up our recruiting and retention efforts. I continue to enjoy sharing the benefits of PORAC membership with members and prospective members alike. While most may view it as a “sales” job, I see it as a way of perpetually improving our effectiveness. It also serves as a way for us to maintain our reputation, both here in California and nationally. As it was last year, the highlight of my year remains the ability to get to know even more of you by hearing your thoughts and ideas. The talented and inspiring people within our local associations, as well as the leadership throughout the chapters of PORAC, have never shone brighter.

While we avoided negative pension reform measures in 2016, we certainly displayed our readiness for their anticipated arrival in 2018 by building a sizeable PAC account, which undoubtedly will see more prosperity in the coming years leading up to this eventual showdown. Our involvement in several key initiative campaigns, although not all of them had the outcome we wanted, speak directly to the core importance of public safety to the citizens of California. Now, post-election, we must resolve to fight on and never give up, no matter how tough the road ahead may seem.

I was very pleased to report to the Conference of Members that PORAC membership was on the rise, hitting a record number of 69,657 members within 921 associations. Since that report we have added nearly 200 more members, reaching the highest numbers we have ever seen for our organization. Over the course of the last year, we welcomed 23 new membership associations to our rolls, reminding us all that PORAC is thriving and accomplishing its mission to support and represent the finest law enforcement professionals in both California and Nevada. The increased workload of the Recruitment and Retention Committee, now formally expanded to include representatives of all three of our trusts, stayed consistently busy throughout 2016. We made 10 significant membership presentations, which spanned across the state, educating prospective associations about the various ways that PORAC could assist them. We demonstrated the unmatched and superior benefits provided by our programs for the members. For the most part, much of the work done here was over the phone, or face to face at events where we met individuals who were interested in PORAC or were already members but wanted to learn more.

This is also a great time to remind you that regular association membership dues for 2017 will return to $7 per member per month. While the voluntary supplemental dues assessment for our California Pension Reform Act campaign sunsets at the end of 2016, the fight against overreaching and unfair pension reform is continuing. I will continue to actively work with President Durant and our coalition partners at Californians for Retirement Security (CRS) to make sure that you are informed and that we are ready for the next wave of attacks on what you have worked so hard to build.

I am honored to serve on your behalf as PORAC’s Vice President, as you each deserve the very best representation of your life’s work. I continue to be committed to always exemplifying a positive and professional image as I seek to further serve your interests. Thank you for your membership in PORAC, take care and stay safe!