Treasurer’s Message

Timothy Davis
PORAC Treasurer

By the time this article is printed, I will have reached the six-month mark as PORAC treasurer. This is the sixth article I have written, and over the last six months, my articles have covered a variety of topics. I received an email from a member earlier this month asking why my treasurer articles were not about being a treasurer. Until that email, I wasn’t even sure anyone read my articles. A week later, I ran into a member who said he recognized my face from my articles and stated he enjoyed my articles. My wife, who was with me at the time, was surprised and asked me if “people actually read those?” Until this month I wasn’t sure. As for the focus of my future articles, I will continue to cover any topic that I feel best serves the interests of PORAC and its members.

Over the last six months, I have discovered that the role of PORAC treasurer is much more than just keeping track of the money. While the title of “treasurer” clearly conveys my financial responsibilities, those responsibilities are just the beginning of my obligations. Since my election as treasurer, I have been working to complete my financial obligations, and I can attest that the finances of PORAC are sound. Over the last six months, I have completed a myriad of tasks associated with my responsibilities. I have met with the PAC attorneys to help prepare our required PAC filings. I chaired a meeting of the Fiscal Management Committee in which we reviewed a year’s worth of reimbursement requests. I chaired a meeting of the Budget Committee where we prepared and amended the first draft budget for 2020 and reviewed the compensation of the PORAC staff. I have met with PORAC’s investment adviser to ensure our investments continue to meet PORAC’s investment guidelines while also ensuring PORAC has the appropriate cash on hand to conduct the day-to-day needs of a statewide labor organization. I have met frequently with the PORAC staff to ensure the finances are sound and that the staff is properly completing their financial tasks. I directed the creation of an electronic reimbursement system to replace PORAC’s outdated paper system, and I am working to finalize its implementation by the end of the year.

These financial responsibilities are only a part of my responsibility as an officer of PORAC. When I ran for treasurer last fall, I ran on a platform of using my role as treasurer for more than just managing the money. The treasurer is one of only three positions elected statewide by the entire membership of PORAC, and as such, the position commands much respect both inside and outside of PORAC. I have been working with both President Marvel and Vice President Kurtz to leverage my position as treasurer and my location in Sacramento to increase the public reach of PORAC. Under President Marvel’s direction, I have accompanied him in representing PORAC and I have represented PORAC in instances when he or Vice President Kurtz have not been able to. The treasurer is also one of 11 members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the backbone of PORAC and is the body most responsible for directing the path of PORAC, along with the full Board of Directors. I take my role on the Executive Committee quite seriously. Our dialogue at those meetings helps us vet ideas and help PORAC achieve its mission.

The treasurer of PORAC is an important responsibility and I am honored to be able to serve in the position. The position of treasurer, however, is about much more than just keeping track of the money. It is about advancing the interests of PORAC and the interests of the law enforcement officers it serves. I am here to serve in any way I am needed.