Treasurer’s Message

Timothy Davis
PORAC Treasurer

I want to start by thanking the PORAC membership for electing me as treasurer of PORAC. I am honored to be selected to serve you and the interests of law enforcement in California. I pledge to put my time, efforts and knowledge toward advancing the safety of all Californians, especially those who have stepped forward, put on a badge and serve their communities as law enforcement officers.

I come from a law enforcement family. My father started his career with the Sacramento Police Department in 1970, after returning home from his military service in Vietnam. As a child, I remember him stopping by the house during his evening shift for “Code-7.” I was proud to see my father in uniform. When he returned to work after eating, my sisters and I would watch out the window as he turned on his emergency lights, chirped his siren and left to complete his shift. I was inspired by my father and his service to both our city as a police officer and our nation as a military police officer in the Army National Guard. He always seemed to be in one uniform or the other.

I followed in my father’s footsteps and joined the Sacramento Police Department in 1998, where I have served as a police officer for the past 20 years. My son, by graduating from the Sacramento Police Academy this past summer, has made it three generations from the Davis family to serve Sacramento.

My family is not unusual. Many of you come from law enforcement families. Whether you are the first from your family to serve or you come from a multigenerational law enforcement family like mine, we are all brothers and sisters, serving our communities together. We have all, by taking the oath to serve, joined the law enforcement family. Our family is currently facing many struggles. Many of us are facing staffing shortages and long hours, as our agencies labor to fill vacant positions. We are under attack from the media and anti-police groups who mistakenly blame law enforcement for society’s problems and failures. We are facing more dangerous criminals in our communities as changes such as realignment and reduced sentencing have emptied prisons and jails and returned criminals back into the neighborhoods we police. With decriminalization of drugs, lack of quality mental health services and rampant homeless problems in our communities, the demands on law enforcement is ever increasing yet we don’t have the tools and staffing we need to adequately and safely address the problems that society demands we solve.

Our law enforcement family is strained and struggling, but we are resilient and will push through. We have proven our ability to adapt to societal changes and we will continue to be successful in safely serving the communities we are sworn to protect. There is much work to do. I dedicate myself to serving you. I am honored to walk with you and I am here to advocate for law enforcement and for laws and policies that will allow us all to better serve and safeguard our communities.