Treasurer’s Message

Marcelo Blanco
PORAC Treasurer

Gearing Up for Conference

Last year’s audit is now completed and PORAC fared well. We had the usual challenges, which the auditors delineated to the Board of Directors. The concerns were discussed and the Board understands the reason for these challenges. In addition, I was provided with direction to resolve those issues within our sphere of influence.

The budget committee met and finalized the proposed 2019 budget. The budget was presented to the Board of Directors in August. The next phase is to have you and the rest of our members review the budget at the Conference of Members.

As part of the budget and compensation process, the Budget/Compensation Committee reviewed the proposal submitted by Finance and Administrative Manager Kim Busman. The proposal used a list of salaries for similar positions within the Sacramento area. The committee moved forward with some salary adjustments. In addition, we looked at creating new positions within the office so as to become more responsive to our members and to bring PORAC’s message to everyone on a consistent and timely basis. During the Conference of Members, we will discuss the changes occurring within the office operations. These changes will enhance our services to members and continue to make PORAC a strong voice and force within and outside our state.

Our investment tsar, Mark Sikorski, presented the market outlook to the Board of Directors. Based on how the market has performed this year, his assessment of what is going to happen was clear as mud. Keep in mind the market has done some interesting things this year. Ultimately, the feeling in the financial world is that we are looking at an adjustment and/or correction in the market. However, the geniuses believe the market could reach record highs at year’s end.

Please attend your local chapter meetings and keep yourself informed as to what is occurring within your city, county and state, especially in the “anti-police” environment we find ourselves today. It seems there are many people out there who profess to know how to do our job without ever having donned a uniform. Yet those who condemn us are also the first to expect our help when things go sideways for them. Quite a bit of information is being disseminated about AB 931 and what our members can do to help. This legislation is an all-out assault on how we protect our communities and ourselves. Please visit the PORAC website or contact your local chapter director to find out how you can help defeat this ill-intentioned legislation.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Conference of Members in Reno and providing you with the opportunity to review your 2019 PORAC budget as well as addressing any financial questions, suggestions or comments you may have about PORAC’s financial health.

Be safe and have fun.