President’s Message


PORAC President

As our nation works together to bridge the divide between America’s communities and the men and women of law enforcement, PORAC is committed to leading the way forward. We recognize that political differences are a substantial barrier and some organizations are reluctant to engage in those discussions, but we believe our country can overcome its deep political divisions. We are willing to have those difficult conversations, because PORAC is about crafting good policy, not about making headlines. PORAC is the preeminent voice for California law enforcement and the largest statewide law enforcement association in the nation. We have a responsibility to use our voice to help change the narrative around policing in America, and to communicate the incredible value of a PORAC membership for California’s peace officers, active or retired.

That is why we cannot understate the value of PORAC’s branding and communications efforts — the power of our voice is directly tied to the visibility and credibility of our organization. Raising awareness of PORAC’s brand and reputation puts us in a stronger position to more effectively advocate for our members, recruit new members and grow this association to increase our influence at the state and national levels.

The law enforcement profession is facing new challenges. We have seen attitudes, tones and aggressions change toward law enforcement. Disrespect toward peace officers has become a cultural norm nationwide — making a difficult and complicated job even more complex. By increasing PORAC’s name recognition through sponsorships, ads, op-eds, podcasts, media interviews and more, we can help to facilitate a cultural shift in the way law enforcement is viewed by members of the public. Not only does this place California’s officers in a better position to serve our communities, but it also signals to elected officials, decision makers, community activist groups and others that PORAC must have a seat at the table when it comes time to negotiate the new laws and policies that can have a significant impact on our members’ ability to carry out their duties safely and effectively.

Our stated goal for 2021 is to consistently seek new and innovative opportunities to promote our brand and what we stand for in front of the widest possible audience. That is why PORAC is pleased to be partnering with Mike Harmon Racing as the primary sponsor of the #47 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Kyle Weatherman. The PORAC Camaro, decked out as a police car, is being showcased in two races, one last month and one in September at the Alsco Uniforms 302 in Las Vegas. By capitalizing on last year’s show of support for law enforcement professionals at the Homestead-Miami Speedway with this new partnership, we can build greater support for law enforcement and shine a light on the work PORAC is doing to advance the interests of the profession, not only in California but nationally.

Another objective of PORAC’s communications and branding efforts is to ensure that current and prospective members are aware of the value of a PORAC membership and the benefits that come with it. PORAC members have access to a suite of benefits, ranging from legal assistance to insurance to our Fund a Hero (FAH) program, which helps to raise money for the families of those who have paid the ultimate price for their service, and our Hazardous Exposure Listing Program (HELP), which enables you to protect your own health. These are benefits California’s officers will not find anywhere else and should be taking full advantage of.

Generating awareness and promoting the value of PORAC through innovative branding and communications initiatives, like our participation in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series, increases our ability to bring new members into the fold and go to bat for our members when it is needed most. The larger and more representative of California’s peace officers PORAC is, the louder our voice becomes. One of the best ways to magnify that voice is with supporters of law enforcement outside of our family and friends — those individuals willing to speak up on our behalf.

As we seek to increase PORAC’s footprint both within California and nationally, we are also working to revamp our website. Our website is the face of our organization, and we want to ensure that anyone who visits it receives a clear picture of who PORAC is and what we stand for. We are also making major shifts to increase our ability to foster two-way communication within each of our unique PORAC chapters. The chapter landing pages will be housed on the improved PORAC website. Each chapter will have its own distinctive logo and be representative of the uniqueness that it brings to PORAC. The more we hear from you, the better informed we are about what matters the most, which in turn makes us more prepared to advocate and represent the interests of our profession.

All our efforts at PORAC are for our members, and our branding and communications program is no exception. We work with some of the best and brightest in the field to showcase PORAC as a forward-looking leader in law enforcement, and we must continue to proactively communicate the value PORAC brings to California peace officers and communities. If we do not tell our story, someone else will tell it for us. As always, thank you for your support and your dedication to the mission and values of our profession.