President’s Message

Brian R. Marvel
PORAC President

November marks the anniversary of my election to my first term as PORAC’s president. I spent my first year in office examining and assessing the many processes by which PORAC functions — not only its day-to-day operations but also broader concepts like training, branding and communications strategy. I hope you saw the results of those efforts this year as we made positive transitions in several areas.

Most notably, I’ve made it a priority to expand PORAC’s messaging. I brought our communications team in house, and worked with public safety communications firm 911MEDIA — our trusted partner for the past 10 years — to review our magazine, website, social media platforms and how they all work together, developing an integrated strategy to make sure our content is pertinent to our members and supports our profession as a whole. One of the additions during my tenure is the On the Job With PORAC podcast, which launched in May 2018 with the goal of providing timely information on hot topics. As it evolves, the podcast will explore additional areas of interest to our members. One of the future series I’m excited about is “Life After the Badge,” where we talk to former peace officers who have gone on to some very unique second jobs after retiring from law enforcement. We’re also interviewing actors about what it’s like to portray our profession on TV. We were pleased to partner with 911MEDIA and American Police Beat at their studio in Los Angeles to record audio and video interviews with Erik Estrada of CHiPs, Odie Gallop of S.W.A.T. and Joe Mantegna of Criminal Minds. Learn more about those conversations on page 8 of this issue.

In addition, we have taken great strides in revamping our training program, now called the PORAC Institute. Among the changes is an increased focus on officer wellness, a vitally important issue that we take very seriously as association leaders. I am happy that PORAC successfully obtained a grant from POST to offer Peace Officer Wellness, Ethics and Resilience (POWER) classes free of charge to our members and other active law enforcement officers in the state. As we continue to re-evaluate all the classes we offer with fresh eyes to ensure they are as relevant and useful to our members as possible, we are also looking to collaborate with other groups offering high-quality training that meets PORAC standards on both law enforcement and labor issues.

I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your membership, participation and support as we continue to innovate and take PORAC to the next level of excellence. My thanks to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee members and especially all the chapter presidents who are working hard on the front lines throughout the state. They have their finger on the pulse of PORAC, and without their backing, guidance and recommendations, we in Sacramento wouldn’t be as effective as we are in achieving PORAC’s goals at the state and national levels. As I approach my bid for re-election unopposed, I thank you for your continued confidence in my leadership. I look forward to all the great achievements that lie ahead for us.

I owe so much to the hard work and talents of the PORAC staff, as does this organization as a whole. Our staff members, led by Kim Busman, will be attending the Conference of Members this month, and I encourage you to get to know them. They work for you, and they want to put faces to familiar names just as you do. So if you see them, please say hello, thank them for their efforts and take the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

As Conference approaches, we’re excited for you to see what we have in store. Our objective is to continually enhance the content and quality of this event year after year. One of my personal goals as president is to grow Conference attendance to more than 1,000 members. While we won’t reach that level this year, in 2018 we set the record for the largest attendance in PORAC’s history, so we’re well on our way. As we continue to make Conference a destination for quality training and networking, not just a place to conduct organizational business, it will happen. With everything going on in our profession right now, Conference is a great occasion for us to come together as associations from throughout the state to review our victories and losses over the past year, have candid discussions about how we can improve our profession, and pat ourselves and one another on the back for all we’ve accomplished. That includes not only our legislative advocacy at the state and federal levels but also our achievements locally and individually — we have association presidents who are doing fantastic work for their members on contracts and protecting due process rights.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Palm Springs, and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.