President’s Message

Brian Marvel
Brian Marvel
Brian Marvel
PORAC President

One of my central goals as PORAC president is to utilize all of our communication resources to further strengthen the relationships between the Board of Directors, association leadership and, most importantly, our members. As part of that effort, we’ve been taking a close look at PORAC Law Enforcement News and how it can better serve our purpose.

This magazine is a powerful tool for delivering PORAC’s message directly into the homes of members around the state every month. It’s a tangible benefit of PORAC membership and a physical record of the tremendous work our organization is doing on all fronts to aid our members and advocate for law enforcement as a whole. But I think we can take even greater advantage of this opportunity to speak to our members and address your most pressing concerns, as well as recruit new members by showcasing everything that PORAC has to offer.

In February, Brent Meyer and I met with our publishers at 911MEDIA to discuss ideas for a new direction for PORAC LE News. All of us agreed that there are many exciting possibilities we can pursue to bring readers more member-oriented, strategic, professionally relevant and practical content in each issue. I’m pleased to announce that over the coming months, you’ll see us begin to roll out some of these changes to the magazine, and we hope you find them helpful and engaging.

How well do you really know PORAC? Outside of the Board messages and meeting minutes in each issue, how much do you see of what goes on behind the scenes of our organization? PORAC has a number of committees working hard to serve our members, and to help you get better acquainted with them, we’ll be turning the spotlight on each one in turn. This new series of articles will help you better understand what your committees are doing on your behalf and introduce you to additional resources for assistance with any concern you might have.

We also want to help you get to know one another better. With more than 70,000 members dispersed throughout every corner of California, it’s difficult for all of us to meet in person. Yet that broad reach is also one of PORAC’s greatest strengths, and we want to increase it by highlighting the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and interests that make up our great membership. To start, we’ll be launching a series of articles profiling each of our chapters in numerical order. Our hope is that learning more about where and who your fellow members are — their challenges, their achievements, the issues they’re currently facing and how PORAC helps them succeed — will bring us all closer together and inspire you, your association and your own chapter as you navigate the road ahead.

In addition, we want to more accurately reflect the realities of law enforcement. To enhance the magazine illustrations, our vision is to build a databank of photographs of actual law enforcement officers performing their duties all over the state so we can show the amazing work that our members are doing each and every day. And, as Black History Month comes to a close and Women’s History Month begins, I’m especially interested in exploring how the magazine can honor and include the contributions of these and other historically underrepresented groups within our ranks, bringing a greater variety of voices to our conversation and manifesting the true depth and breadth of our membership. We hope to bring you more real-world stories of all kinds that share the many accomplishments of our fellow peace officers, adding to the narrative of all the great work being done daily throughout our great state and the nation.

That’s where you come in! We want to hear from you about the magazine: what you’d like, what could be improved and what kinds of articles you most want to read each month. We’re planning to conduct a survey of Symposium attendees on these questions, and you can also email your feedback to Please send us your story ideas and your photos of life on the job — and remember, the PORAC app allows you to easily send photos directly from your smartphone. If you have valuable expertise on issues relevant to our members, consider writing an article for the magazine. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

We’re enthusiastic about these innovations, and there are even more in the works. Keep reading on the next page, where Brent gives you a look at how we’ll be integrating the updated PORAC Law Enforcement News with our other communications.