President’s Message

Mike Durant
Mike Durant
Mike Durant
PORAC President

August Board Meeting

Your PORAC Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting on Friday, August 4, in Reno, Nevada, at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. Your Board of Directors, working in conjunction with our trusts and PORAC staff, were able to secure a tremendous deal with the Atlantis to bring all of our various meetings to one central location.

All the meetings were well attended by your Board and trustees, as well as many other association leaders from around Northern California and Nevada. We had a very full agenda, with many issues to discuss. Interviews were conducted with candidates running for California Governor and Attorney General. Earlier this year, your Board of Directors had requested this meeting specifically in August to interview all potential and known candidates for both positions. After many weeks of trying to schedule all of the candidates, it was clear that this one meeting was not going to complete the interview process. For various reasons, a few of the candidates for each position were not able to come to Reno on our selected meeting date to present in front of the Board. Last month, your Executive Committee made a decision to complete those remaining candidates’ interviews early next year. Although it may be getting late at that point for PORAC to endorse candidates for those two constitutional offices, your Board of Directors would like to see the full spectrum of candidates prior to making any decisions.

As many of you may have recently heard, the Executive Committee unanimously brought forth a set of bylaw proposals to remove the Nevada Chapter from PORAC. These proposals were also brought before the Board of Directors at our August meeting. It, too, approved and supported the proposed bylaws. Each of these bylaws will be brought before the Conference of Members in November in San Diego.

The day prior to our August Board meeting, the Executive Committee met with several associations from around Nevada to fully explain the proposed bylaws and ensure that all associations in Nevada will have full access to the PORAC Legal Defense Fund and any other trust benefits within PORAC, no matter what the decision is on the Conference floor.

Ron Dreher, a longtime advocate for Reno PPA, the Nevada Chapter and PORAN, asked many good questions of the Executive Committee at the meeting. After attesting to him and all of those in attendance about what is specifically stated in the proposed bylaws, namely that PORAC is going to collect dues from Nevada associations and remit 100% of those dues back to PORAN and the Nevada Chapter for a period of one year, Dreher said it will be best for both organizations to part ways. We look forward to continuing to work with our neighbors in Nevada to assist them, should these bylaws pass at Conference.

End of Session at Our State Capitol

One of the main topics of discussion at August’s Board meeting was the return of the Legislature for the last four weeks of the 2017 legislative session. Legislators have until Thursday, August 31, to complete business for the year. This time of year is notorious for last-minute shenanigans. With some legislative changes signed into law last year, we hope those shenanigans will be tremendously reduced. Our legislative advocacy team at Aaron Read & Associates has been working overtime to monitor the hundreds of legislative amendments happening on a daily basis. There will undoubtedly be battles on our horizon, both fighting for our priority bills and fighting off ill-conceived legislative proposals. We will keep you updated on everything happening at the State Capitol and want you to know we are engaged on your behalf every day. PORAC continues to advocate for each of you, protecting your rights as a peace officer and making sure that the safety of our communities remains policymakers’ top priority.

PORAC, working together with our partners at Marketplace Communications, continues to get out positive messages to our membership through our various social media platforms. Whether on PORAC TV, PORAC YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, PORAC is leading the way in providing information and advocating for public safety in California. Know that PORAC will continue to bring you the most up-to-date info on whatever platform is best for our members.