President’s Message

Mike Durant
Mike Durant
Mike Durant
PORAC President

PORAC Executive Committee Meeting

In early June, your Executive Committee met in Sacramento and discussed the business of PORAC. Each month when the Board of Directors is not meeting, the Executive Committee convenes to discuss the various challenges facing our members. Whether it is potentially disastrous legislation from a lawmaker who is hell-bent on releasing more convicted felons, setting dates and agendas for our upcoming federal legislative meetings, or the best possible news PORAC could receive from a member who was granted coverage on an appeal that brought them a new baby boy, many different issues are brought forward to consider and take action upon for the benefit of our members.

Several months ago, the Executive Committee decided to begin a series of strategic planning meetings. Each Sunday prior to our Monday meetings, we meet to discuss the best possible avenues to address internal issues within PORAC. One of the discussions we recently had was how best to reach our members, both new and seasoned. All of us had concerns about the recent low attendances at our chapter meetings. We agreed that we need to develop and implement better methods and techniques to reach our members.

Not too often do I take the opportunity to thank our Board of Directors and Executive Committee, along with our SPAC and RAM representatives, for their dedication to our members. In addition to attending a quarterly Board meeting or a monthly Executive Committee meeting, all of them are regularly available to answer your questions. That is what I believe is the best trait PORAC offers our members. We have the ability to network with more than 69,000 colleagues. No matter the question, I can assure you that one of our leaders or a member within one of our more than 930 associations has faced whatever you may be facing. Most of our member associations gather monthly at a relatively close location to attend their local PORAC chapter meetings. If you haven’t attended a chapter meeting for quite some time, I would urge each association leader to designate at least one member to attend these meetings. It is the very best way to assist your association with any current issues you may be facing, but even more importantly, you may be able to assist another member or association on something you know more about than anyone. and Social Media Update

Several months ago, Vice President Brent Meyer and I met with representatives from 911MEDIA to discuss a refresh of both our website and our app. We received several suggestions, and brought them to Marketplace Communications for further discussion and implementation. After a few modifications from 911MEDIA, Marketplace Communications and our own Chris Steele, has now gone live with updates that will allow our members to better locate specific information, resulting in an even cleaner and more user-friendly website with many other enhancements for our social media information and outreach. I would like to commend Vice President Meyer for bringing this challenge through to fruition, and Chris Steele for his design and artistic vision on what will best assist our members.

Our Executive Committee also approved moving forward to build a new PORAC app. Once completed, it will be available on both the Apple and Google platforms. 911MEDIA has provided great insight on what will be best for our members. The app will interact with our new website and improve our ability to communicate with our members, as well as announcing many new PORAC offerings. Vice President Meyer and Chris Steele, along with Michele Cervone and Stephen Rodriguez from Marketplace Communications, have been working with 911MEDIA to build a state-of-the-art app for all of our members. We commend Mark Deitch and all of his staff at 911MEDIA for their vision and assistance in bringing PORAC to the leading edge of communicating with our members and the public.

PORAC Scholarships

Each year our Scholarship Committee reviews several hundred applications, in conjunction with the May Board of Directors meeting in Sacramento. In July and August, during our local chapter meetings, PORAC presents more than 25 college scholarships to the selected children and dependents of our members. This is always one of the best local chapter meetings for PORAC leadership to attend. We have the ability to interact with some of our members and their families, many of whom we have never had a chance to meet.

PORAC is very proud of all of our family members. As parents, each of us wants the very best for the future of our children. PORAC is engaged in assisting our children for not only their future, but the future of all. Thanks to each young person who participated in our PORAC Scholarship Program, and congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients.