PORAC Symposium – Impact 2019 Topics:

“The Fight After The Fight, Three Rounds and Counting” An Officer’s Story of Survival Before, During, and After a Critical Incident

Officer Ann M. Carrizales, Meadows Place (TX) Police Department  Bio
The participants of this lecture will learn the value of mental preparedness PRIOR to a critical incident and ways to achieve this vital state of readiness /resilience. Additionally, attendees will learn to identify signs of post-traumatic stress and its effects on one’s physical/emotional wellness. Participants will discuss various methods of critical incident stress management and will be provided with the VITAL tools needed to win the fight after the fight, which is often the most difficult part of a critical incident.

Case Against Pay Parity

Joe Gamaldi, Houston Police Officers’ Association  Bio
In this class, HPOU President Joe Gamaldi will be discussing their recent campaign and court battle against the “Pay Parity” initiative brought by the Houston Professional Firefighters Union. Pay Parity appeared to be going the way of the dinosaur, but now is making a swift comeback as police salaries have begun to rise, due to the law enforcement staffing crisis that is plaguing this country. He will discuss the history of parity in Houston and the tactics used in the campaign and legal fight.

SB 1421 Litigation Update

Rick Pinckard, Bobbitt, Pinckard & Fields APC   Bio

From Complaint to Conviction – How to Help Your Association Members Navigate Through Criminal and Administrative Investigations

Brad Fields, Bobbitt, Pinckard & Fields APC  Bio
All association leaders will be approached by their members when the member is subject to criminal or administrative investigation.  As such, all association leaders should have a basic working knowledge of the rights afforded to peace officers when they are under investigation so that they can assist their members in their hour of need.  This topic would cover what association leaders should and should not do when members approach them for LDF-related assistance.  It will cover topics such as the difference in rights afforded to members subject to criminal vs. administrative investigations, when members should contact LDF for legal representation vs. attempting to handle representation with an association representative, and what association leaders should do immediately following a critical incident.

California Pension Law: A New Beginning?

Gary Messing, Messing Adam & Jasmine LLP  Bio
The likely impact of the five public sector pension law cases currently pending before the California Supreme Court.

2019 Camp Fire Disaster: When First Responders Become Victims

Peter Durfee  Bio & James Parrott  Bio, Chico Police Department
November 8, 2018, was the date of the deadliest fire in the history of this country. The Camp Fire, as it was later named, took the lives of 85 people and more than 40,000 others were displaced in a matter of hours.  This was a multi-agency response that affected hundreds if not thousands of first responders.  We will discuss the response, the first twelve hours, the first seven days, the first month, and the first six months, and how it affected not only the town of Paradise but also the effect it had on the surrounding cities and first responders.

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