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Labor Issues 2017 & Peace Officers Rights

2017 Symposium Topics:

Bringing Calm to Chaos: A Police Foundation Review of the San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks

Rick Braziel, Retired Sacramento Police Department Chief, DOJ Office of Community Oriented Policing Services & Police Foundation

On December 2, 2015, at 10:59 a.m. the Inland Regional Center (IRC) in San Bernardino, California, came under attack. Before long, officers located the suspect vehicle and two suspects, which led to a midday shootout between the police and terrorists. Ultimately, law enforcement officers killed both assailants on a normally quiet residential street—but not before two officers were wounded. The aftermath of the gun battle was witnessed in real time across the country as news helicopters hovered overhead. The brutal terrorist attack ultimately left 22 civilians wounded, 14 civilians dead, and 2 officers injured.

Important Developments and Trends Affecting Public Sector Pensions

Amy Brown, Public Pension Expert, Legislative Advocate

Join Amy Brown to cover important developments and trends affecting public sector pensions, other post employment benefits (OPEBs) and other benefits. Specific topics include impacts on lowering pension funds’ discount rates, recent appellate court case ruling on vested rights, and leveling the retirement playing field with those in the private sector.

Cell Phone Privacy 

Bradley M. Fields & Richard L. Pinckard, Bobbitt, Pinckard & Fields, APC

When and under what circumstances does a peace officer have a right to privacy over the officer’s cell phone?  This class will cover the differences between the privacy rights afforded to a peace officer’s personal cell phone vs. an employer’s cell phone, and help to provide guidance on any and all issues related to the mandatory disclosure of information stored on an officer’s cell phone.

First Amendment Issues

Bradley M. Fields & Richard L. Pinckard, Bobbitt, Pinckard & Fields, APC

What free speech rights does a law enforcement officer maintain in and out of the workplace?  This class will educate peace officers regarding their constitutional rights, and provide some guidance as to the extent to which employers can limit peace officers in their use of social media. 

Legislative & Political Action Update

Randy Perry, PORAC Lobbyist, Aaron Read & Associates

A review of last year’s passed legislation that affects PORAC members, as well as this year’s pending legislation. We’ll look at the upcoming 2017 elections and bills.

Legal Defense Fund Update

Fred Rowbotham, PORAC LDF Trustee Chairman & Ed Fishman, PORAC LDF Administrator

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Fred Rowbotham, along with Legal Administrator Ed Fishman, will discuss recent legal and political changes affecting law enforcement, interesting case studies, and the state of LDF.

∼Additional Topics as Issues Arise∼

*topics subject to change*