Speakers and Instructors

PORAC Annual Conference of Members – Training Session:

The Bulletproof Mind for Law Enforcement

Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is a former US Army Ranger, paratrooper, and West Point Psychology Professor.  He has a Black Belt in Hojutsu, the martial art of the firearm, and has been inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Col. Grossman’s research was cited by the President of the United States in a national address, and he has testified before the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress, and numerous state legislatures.  He has served as an expert witness and consultant in state and Federal courts. He helped train mental health professionals after the Jonesboro school massacre, and he was also involved in counseling or court cases in the aftermath of the Paducah, Springfield, Littleton and Nickel Mines Amish school massacres.

Legally Justified, but was it Avoidable?

Kelly DeVoll

Kelly DeVoll is a Senior Instructor for Calibre Press. Kelly most recently served as a Patrol Lieutenant with the Georgetown, TX Police Department where he served 20 of his 30 total years of police work. He retired from the agency in July 2018. Prior to his service with Georgetown PD, Kelly worked for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for almost 10 years.

Kelly served as a supervisor for 21 years of his service time. He has also served as SWAT Commander for the Central Texas Regional SWAT Team, Professional Standards Commander, Patrol Watch Commander, School Resource Officer, Patrol Officer, Training Coordinator, and many other roles. Kelly has been teaching law enforcement classes since 1993 and has taught for Calibre Press for 8 years. He has taught all over the United States and Canada training thousands of officers in various LE disciplines, including tactics, leadership, communication, and body language.