Orange County Sheriff's Department

Deputy Sheriff

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is excited to announce an ongoing recruitment for deputy sheriffs. In the next two years, the department is looking to hire approximately 200 sworn deputies.

“We are looking for men and women who feel called to more than a 9-5 job,” said Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. “Law enforcement is a career that will provide you with limitless opportunities for your personal growth and development. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is a diverse organization, and we need good people who can further our mission to provide exceptional law enforcement services free from prejudice or favor, with leadership, integrity, and respect.”

The selection process includes a written exam, physical agility test, background investigation, polygraph, psychological examination, oral interview, and a medical examination. Once applicants are selected, they will attend a 26-week academy for basic law enforcement training.

If you are interested in serving the citizens of Orange County, working in a professional and exciting environment, and starting a great career, we are currently accepting applications. For more information on the application process, requirements, pre-academy preparation, and test dates, please visit