Member Communications

The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving rapidly. PORAC will continue to provide our members with updates as new information and resources become available.

We would like to hear from you as well. Please email if you have any questions or would like to discuss further how PORAC is working to keep our members healthy and safe in this time of crisis.

Merry Christmas from PORAC!

National First Responder COVID-19 Grant Relief Program

The National First Responder COVID-19 Grant Relief Program has been established to provide financial support to first responders and their families in need during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

New Regional Stay Home Order – December 3, 2020

All individuals living in the State of California are currently ordered to stay home or at their place of residence, except for permitted work, local shopping or other permitted errands, or as otherwise authorized.

68th Annual PORAC Conference of Members Has Been CANCELED

Due to unforeseen circumstances in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be holding our 68th Annual PORAC Conference of Members

IRS Unveils “Dirty Dozen” List of Tax Scams For 2020

Americans are urged to be vigilant to these threats during the pandemic and its aftermath.

Governor Newsom Orders California Counties To Shut Down Amidst Rising COVID-19 Cases

California Governor Gavin Newsom rolled-back orders of opening counties across the state during the COVID-19 pandemic due to a sharp rise in cases. Effective July 13, 2020, ALL counties must close indoor operations in these sectors: Dine-in restaurants Wineries and tasting rooms Movie theaters  Family entertainment centers (for example: bowling alleys, miniature golf, batting cages and arcades) Zoos and museums Cardrooms Additionally, bars, brewpubs, breweries, and pubs must close all operations both indoor and outdoor statewide, unless they are offering sit-down, outdoor dine-in meals. Alcohol can only be sold in the same transaction as a meal. Counties that have remained on the County Monitoring List for 3 consecutive days will be required to shut down the following industries or activities unless they can be modified to operate outside or by pick-up. Fitness centers Worship services Protests Offices for non-essential sectors Personal care services, like nail salons, body waxing and tattoo parlors Hair salons and barbershops Malls CLICK HERE for more information or to check the status of a county.

Newsom announces new coronavirus restrictions ahead of Fourth of July weekend

Governor Gavin Newsom announced new restrictions for 19 counties to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. Certain businesses, including restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, museums and movie theaters, were ordered to cease indoor operations.

California Reopening: Tracking Progress Across Counties

California is currently in the second stage of Gov. Gavin Newsom's four-stage plan to gradually reopen the state amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no official date for when the third and fourth stages will begin, but some counties are charting their own path to reopening independent of the state's guidelines. Track each county's progress here.

Expiration dates for CA county stay-at-home orders

The dates, current as of Thursday, April 13, should be considered tentative since most counties issued them with the caveat that the orders could be extended, amended or rescinded. Check county health department web sites for the most current information. 

Cathedral City PD Brings Easter Dinner Home for Seniors

Members of the Cathedral City POA passed out Easter meals to senior citizens in need during the shelter in place order. Read More