Randy Beintema

Randy Beintema is retired from the San Joaquin County Sheriff Office.  He began his law enforcement career in 1973 when he joined the U.S. Army and was a Military Police Officer.  He was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado where he served as part of the 984th MP Company as a police officer and K9 patrol/narcotics detection handler until November of 1974.  In 1974 he was transferred to Safeguard Command with a Top-Secret clearance where he severed as part of the nuclear warhead protection company.  After being discharged he returned home to attend college.

In 1978 he was hired by Alameda County Sheriff Office and attended the academy at the Santa Rita Academy.  After graduating, Randy was assigned to Custody Division where he worked in the Greystone Facility and compound.  In 1980 he lateraled to San Joaquin County Sheriff Office where he served until the end of his career in 2008.  During his time with the San Joaquin County Sheriff he worked in the Custody Division, Court Services and Patrol Division.  He was a CTO in Custody, an FTO in Operations Division, hostage negotiator, peer support member and worked Patrol, Community Car Program and Boat Patrol.  He served as one of the FTO Sergeants, Swing Shift Patrol Sergeant, Area Commander and Administrative Lieutenant.  At the time of his retirement Randy was Captain of Operations Division.

He has attended the PORAC Annual Conference of Members since 1984 when he was elected to the San Joaquin DSA as a board member.  He served in the DSA as a board member, PAC director, Vice President and President until his promotion to Sergeant in 2002.  He has served on the PORAC Board of Directors under 6 Presidents and is currently one of the Region II Executive Committee Board members.  He has served as the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee since 1986, and currently sits on the Budget Committee, Credentials and now as PORAC Secretary, chairs the Bylaws Committee.   Randy was awarded the Len Delaney Award in 1998, as well as in 2001 for his performance as a PORAC Director.   He also serves as the Treasurer for PORAC Valley Chapter.

Randy is married to his wife Stacy and has two grown children Nick and Madie.  He finds sitting on the Board of Directors of PORAC an honor to his own association, Valley Chapter and Region II.

Brian Marvel

Brian Marvel is a Police Officer III with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD). After joining in 1999, he served ten years in patrol operations at several divisions. He worked in several specialized assignments that included the Bravo Team (demonstration control unit), the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT), and eight years as a Terrorism Liaison Officer. His last assignment was in the Wellness Unit and as the Military Liaison officer for the department. He is a veteran and an adjunct professor at the San Diego Regional Police Academy.

Brian’s first elected PORAC position, in 2015, was President of the San Diego-Imperial Counties chapter of PORAC, covering federal, state, county and local associations from the Pacific Ocean to Arizona along the California-Mexican border.

In 2017, Brian was overwhelmingly elected President of PORAC. He also serves on the California Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board (RIPA). Brian is the fourth PORAC President from the SDPD.

Prior to his election as PORAC President, Brian was elected in 2009 to the first of five two-year terms as President of the San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA), representing 1,850 plus members. He was the longest serving President in the 106-year history of the SDPOA. He was originally elected to the board in 2007 as a director.

Brian is the Past-President of Californians Against Slavery, which spearheaded the passage of Prop 35 (2012), the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act, which was the most successful ballot initiative since California began the process in 1914. He is the treasurer for the CCLEA (CA Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations).


Marcelo Blanco

Marcelo Blanco is a Captain with the Upland Police Department and is in charge of the Support Services Division. Marcelo has spent the last 27 years of his career with the City of Upland. He began his career in Law Enforcement as a high school volunteer through a ROP (Regional Occupational Program) class working in Crime Prevention. Upon graduating high school, he was hired part-time by the Department as a Cadet. Several years later, he was hired full time as a dispatcher and later became the first civilian Crime Prevention Officer. Shortly thereafter, he attended the San Bernardino Valley College Extended Law Enforcement Academy and upon graduation hired as a Police Officer. He was assigned to the patrol division, later became an Explorer Advisor, D.A.R.E./S.R.O Officer, and a Terrorism Liaison Officer assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was promoted to Detective, where he investigated commercial thefts, missing persons, auto theft, child and elder abuse, sexual assaults and homicide. He was promoted to Sergeant where he worked within the patrol division; some of his collateral duties include; Explorer Coordinator, Mobile Field Force Team Leader, Bicycle Patrol Team Leader, Force Options Simulator Coordinator, and Terrorism Liaison Officer Coordinator.  From field supervisor, he was promoted to Lieutenant where he was assigned as a patrol watch commander and eventually as the Administrative Services Commander.  Currently, he is a Captain in the Support Services Division of the Department.  He is responsible for Investigations, Records, CSI, Animal Control, the building, and the Agency’s budget.

Marcelo began representing his fellow officers shortly after getting hired as an officer.  He began as an active member of the Upland Police Officers’ Association Political Action Committee. He rose through the ranks of the Upland Police Officers’ Association, culminating with 5 years as their president. Marcelo was first elected to be president of the Inland Chapter of PORAC and the PORAC Board of Directors representing the Inland Chapter in November of 2007.  In November of 2009, he was elected Treasurer of PORAC. As Treasurer he is responsible for PORAC’s fiscal wellbeing, budget and reserves; in addition, he chairs the Budget and Fiscal Management Committees. Marcelo has had the opportunity to put to good use the accounting classes he completed while in Community College in earning his Business Administration Certificate.

Marcelo has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management an Associate’s degree in Liberal Studies with a certificate in Business Administration through Chaffey College. He possesses a Designated Subject Vocational Education Teaching Credential through the State of California and spends his spare time teaching Law Enforcement basics to Fontana Unified School District Students at Kaiser High School. Besides Law Enforcement and representing Police Officers throughout the State, Marcelo has a passion for educating the future of Law Enforcement. When he has spare time, you can find Marcelo with his prized possession in hand, his digital camera.  Marcelo is an avid photographer of scenery.

Brent Meyer

Sacramento police officer Brent Meyer is the Vice President of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), which is the largest statewide law enforcement labor organization in the United States, representing over 70,000 law enforcement professionals in over 930 individual police associations.

Elected in 2013, Meyer is primarily responsible for PORAC’s recruiting and retention efforts.  Prior to being elected to lead PORAC, Meyer served as President of the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Police Officers Association (SPOA) from 2007 to 2011. At 32 years old, he was the youngest police officer ever elected president of the SPOA Board of Directors.

Officer Meyer, who earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Management, has been with the Sacramento Police Department since 1992. He began his career as a student trainee and was a community service officer until 1998, when he was sworn-in as a Sacramento police officer.

During his time with the department, Officer Meyer has worked in patrol; in the police department’s federally grant-funded Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) program at the Regional Community Policing Institute in Sacramento; as a traffic enforcement officer on a motorcycle; and as a bicycle patrol officer in the central core of downtown. Within those assignments, he has trained other police officers and community service officers, and served in the capacity of an interim supervisor.

Officer Meyer holds Basic, Intermediate and Advanced California POST Certificates.

Additionally, Officer Meyer represented the Association on the Sacramento Police/Sheriff Memorial Foundation Board of Directors from 2002 to 2009, serving as its President from 2007 to 2009.

In 2009, Officer Meyer helped choreograph and oversaw the critical challenge of extending the Association’s MOU with the City of Sacramento. Touted as a “blueprint for exceptional labor relations,” this contract extension is credited with saving the jobs of 67 police officers, and distinctly set the tone for the subsequent collective-bargaining sessions with other city labor unions that year.

In 2010, Officer Meyer assumed the responsibility of representing the SPOA on the Board of Directors for PORAC and is recognized as a statewide expert and leader in the practice of running a police labor organization.

Officer Meyer is a lifelong resident of California, residing in the City of Sacramento.