Communications & Technology Committee

The Communications and Technology Committee informs the PORAC Board of Directors as it relates to all aspects of technology, from the way through which technology is used to conduct PORAC business to the use of technology/social media platforms to communicate on behalf of PORAC. The work on the committee shall include addressing emerging issues in the use of different types of technology; reviewing web resources and platforms used by PORAC, making recommendations as needed; functioning as a resource on aspects of technology, its use for professional responsibilities and its use by PORAC and its affiliates (I&B / LDF / Training), Chapters, Associations and members.

Brian Marvel (Chairman)
PORAC President

Region I: Noah Frederito, Placer Co. DSA
Region II: Chris Barker, Hanford POA
Region III: Mike Dear, LA Airport POA
Region IV: Eric Garcia, DSA of San Diego