Legislation Overview


A term-limited Legislature creates an environment of continuous turnover in the California government. Although policymakers can stay in office for over a decade, they often utilize their position as a catalyst for movement into higher public office. This means educating new members is a constant priority for PORAC.

Discussing the goals and challenges of law enforcement begins long before candidates make decisions to run for office. PORAC leadership is meeting with community leaders constantly to create solutions that make California a safer place to live, raise a family and operate a business.

Through education and advocacy, we work with policymakers on a broad range of issues related to professional matters, such as body-worn cameras, police oversight and training, and criminal matters, including increasing penalties for the most heinous crimes and keeping dangerous offenders behind bars.

PORAC reviews thousands of bills every year to determine which issues are priorities for our rank-and-file public safety members. Our advocacy team then meets with legislators and stakeholders to create a solid public policy that creates an environment where officers can utilize resources to best protect our communities. Because if our families aren’t safe, nothing else matters.