Urge Your Legislator to Work Collaboratively with Law Enforcement Leaders


Email your representative now to request that they work together with California law enforcement to achieve meaningful change that will put all of our officers in a better position to serve our communities.

Protests throughout the country following the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd have spurred a national dialogue about the need to change the role that peace officers play in our communities going forward.

As some of our state legislators were eager to capitalize on the energy of this moment and the incredible media scrutiny of law enforcement, they rapidly introduced almost two dozen different bills aimed at changing the practice of law enforcement here in California. These proposed bills were crafted overnight and in silos. They have not been thoroughly vetted by criminal justice or public safety experts. They do not incorporate available research on best practices, and the impacts on public safety are largely unknown.

This rushed and haphazard legislation is not an effective approach to change. That is why we need your help to ensure the voice of California law enforcement is heard loud and clear.