2019 PORAC Scholarship Winners

Every year, PORAC provides scholarships for members’ children and in-the-line-of-duty dependents who will be entering college or are already attending. In May, the Scholarship Committee completed the difficult task of choosing 25 recipients out of the many talented and deserving students who applied. The following young scholars were each awarded $2,000 toward their college education. Congratulations and best of luck to all of this year’s recipients!


Bay Area Chapter
Jason Wentz, President


Lava Fleischaver
Currently attending:
University of Alabama
PORAC member:
Steve Vierra, Oakland POA
Parents: Steve Vierra and Kennedy Fleischaver


Justynne Thomas
Graduated from:
Granada High School
PORAC member:
Troy Thomas, Livermore POA
Parents: Troy and Shannon Thomas


Central Coast Chapter
Roger Winslow, President


Grace Bailey
Graduated from:
Soquel High School
PORAC member:
Charles Bailey, Watsonville POA
Parents: Charles Bailey and Julie Grijalva‐Bailey


Andrea Rodriguez‐Rocha
Currently Attending:
Sonoma State University
PORAC member:
Saul Rodriguez, Pacific Grove POA
Parents: Saul Rodriguez and Monica Rocha


Domenick Sevor
Currently Attending:
Chapman University
PORAC member:
Michelle Sevor, Santa Clara County Correctional POA
Parents: Michelle and Frederick Sevor


Northern Chapter
Mike Nichelini, President


Tiffany Vannoy
Graduated from:
Vintage High School
PORAC member:
Chris Vannoy, Napa County DSA
Parents: Chris and Jeannette Vannoy


Redwood Chapter
Gary Frace, President


Sheaden Kadle
Graduated from:
Fortuna Union High School
PORAC member:
Jason Kadle, Fortuna POA
Parents: Jason and Tanya Kadle


Mitchel Walker
Graduated from:
Fort Bragg High School
PORAC member:
Bradley Walker, Mendocino County DSA
Parents: Bradley and Rebecca Walker



Central California Chapter
Anthony Gomez, President


Trevor Amarante 
Graduated from:
Fowler High School
PORAC member:
Jason Amarante, Fresno POA
Parents: Jason and Lynde Amarante


Sarah Herring
Graduated from:
Sanger High School
PORAC member:
John Herring, Fresno POA (EOW: July 7, 2014)
Parents: John and Melissa Herring


North Valley Chapter
Pat McNelis, President


Alyssa Beller
Currently Attending:
UC Davis
PORAC member:
James Beller, Butte County DSA
Parents: James and Jodi Beller


Valley Chapter
Steve Walker, President


Megan Metzner
Currently Attending:
La Sierra University
PORAC member:
Mike Metzner, Auburn POA
Parents: Mike and Tami Metzner


Janah Mitchell
Currently Attending:
Vanguard University
PORAC member:
William Mitchell, San Joaquin County DSA
Parents: William and Lisa Mitchell


Riley Richmond
Graduated from:
St. Mary’s High School
PORAC member:
Mark Richmond, San Joaquin County DSA
Parents: Mark and Lisa Richmond



Los Angeles North Chapter
Max Gonzalez, President


Mia Bartolotti
Graduated from:
Bonita High School
PORAC member:
Joseph Bartolotti, Baldwin Park POA
Parents: Joseph and Helen Bartolotti


Tri-Counties Chapter
Mary-Linda Arroyo, President


Allison Fenske
Currently attending:
University of Texas at Arlington
PORAC member:
Matthew Fenske, Santa Barbara County DSA
Parents: Matthew Fenske and Brenda Corona


Natasha Inglis
Currently attending:
University of Southern California
PORAC member:
Todd Inglis, Ventura County DSA
Parents: Todd and Marion Inglis


Los Angeles South Chapter
Brandon Browning, President


Taylor Chase
Currently attending:
San Diego State University
PORAC member:
Don Chase, Beverly Hills POA
Parents: Don and Suzy Chase



Inland Chapter
Rich Randolph, President


Alexis Caldera
Graduated from:
Etiwanda High School
PORAC member:
Michael Caldera, Ontario PMA
Parents: Michael Caldera and Sheryl Carrier‐Caldera


Sierra Lewis
Currently attending:
Montana State University
PORAC member:
Brian Lewis, San Bernardino POA
Parents: Brian and Teresa Lewis


Cameron Schrotberger
Currently attending:
Grand Canyon University
PORAC member:
Jason Schrotberger, SEBA
Parents: Jason and Lisa Schrotberger


Orange County Chapter
Edgar Hampton, President


Cana Cossin
Graduated from:
Veritas Classical Academy
PORAC member:
James Cossin, Anaheim PA
Parents: James and Ashley Cossin


Hannah Olea
Graduated from:
Corona High School
PORAC member:
John Olea, Anaheim PA
Parents: John and Stacie Olea


San Diego/Imperial Chapter
Bryan Zmijewski, President


Elizabeth Rudisill
Graduated from:
Great Oak High School
PORAC member:
Robert Rudisill, San Diego County DSA
Parents: Robert Rudisill and Colette Berwick‐Rudisill


Bob Valladon, Chairman


Sarah Pickens
Currently attending:
Gavilan College
PORAC member:
Brian Pickens, RAM (Ret. Monterey County DSA)
Parents: Brian and Sylvia Pickens