Peace Officer Day At The Capitol

California cops and the people you protect are under attack by dangerous legislation. But on May 28, we have a chance to stand together and defend ourselves.  

The Assembly Public Safety Committee has passed AB 392 — a “use of force” bill subjecting peace officers to criminal prosecution and penalties, including prison, for split-second decisions made during life-and-death criminal encounters.

The bill had strong support from the ACLU and other groups set on making your job more dangerous.     

We’ve been fighting this dangerous anti-cop bill and making headway — but we need your help.

Please join us for the first-ever “Peace Officer Day” at the State Capitol on Tuesday, May 28 — when peace officers and their families from around California will stand together, meet with legislators, and discuss how AB 392 threatens your life and the lives of those you protect.

Supporter Flyer
Law Enforcement Flyer












– Business casual or nice jeans are appropriate attire for all (kids can be kids, of course)

– There will be a limited supply of “Police Proud” t-shirts (dark blue with white print) for our officers, as well as a “supporter” t-shirt version for spouses, children and others