SB 230 Senate Public Safety Committee Hearing

On April 23rd Senate Bill 230, authored by Senator Anna Caballero (D-Salinas) and sponsored by PORAC, and a coalition of Law Enforcement Associations made its way out of the Senate Public Safety Committee with a unanimous vote of 7-0. From here, the bill will continue on to Senate Appropriations Committee where an estimated monetary value will be established. If it passes, it moves to the Senate floor. Two Amendments were agreed upon by the Public Safety Committee and the bill’s author.  First, Penal Code Section 196, as updated by us, was removed – leaving the status quo.  Additionally, a provision has been added that makes SB 230 contingent on AB 392 becoming law, tying the success of these two bills together. SB 392 (Weber) has changes to PC 196 – a change from the reasonable standard to “necessary.” As she defines it, we are strongly opposed. This added provision will give us an opportunity to negotiate amendments to AB 392. 

“California has the unique and important opportunity to lead the nation now,” said Brian Marvel, President of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC). “SB 230 will set a national precedent by establishing the most comprehensive legislative solution to one of the most critical issues facing America today. As we continue to collaborate on a solution, the rest of America will be watching – we have a responsibility to lead.”

Watch the testimony of PORAC President Brian Marvel.

Transcript of President Marvel’s Speech


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