SB 230 Major Amendments Announcement

SB 230 Amendments Press Release

California law enforcement and Senator Anna Caballero (D – Salinas) announced sweeping amendments to SB 230 – the California use of force bill that will set a national precedent by requiring consistent policies and mandatory training standards for all 500 California law enforcement agencies.

With these amendments, SB 230 will:

  • Establish the first statewide guidelines to clearly define when officers are authorized to use force.
  • Require that every California law enforcement officer receive the most robust training in the nation strictly designed to minimize the use of force.
  • Set specific policy requirements that officers de-escalate, render medical aid, proportional use of force and more.
  • Set forth detailed, standardized requirements for reporting all instances when force is used in our communities.
  • Specify that use of force policies and training are considered in legal proceedings.